Artek (AHR tehk) Alliance: Aquillan

"A point zero five five variance in the wave harmonics is unacceptable. Adjust it to within tolerances or I will find a more competent engineer to do so."

Male: 6 feet, 160 lbs (Highly variable)
Female: 6 feet, 160 lbs (Highly variable)

Population %; 62% Male, 38% female
Universal population; estimated 12 billion

Typical names; Family names: Tos, Jen, Hes, Jo, Kern. Personal names are unisex: Kailin, Dellik, Kalan, Hevak.

Typical Build; Tend to be lighter.
Typical Alignment; Lawful, Deviate, Neutral

Artek are a noble people. Heritage and racial custom are revered with pride. Perfection of self and lineage is of paramount importance. All these things lead to a majorly superior attitude among most Artek. To a non-Artek, the people seem to be very cold and impassionate, but this is not entirely the case. On one hand, the Artek can be vicious, ruthless, and unforgiving. On the other hand, they can be equally civil, generous and caring. It's all situational. The Artek are a study in controlled emotional extremes. It is seen as bad form for a civilized, advanced Artek to lose his or her composure in any way. In war, Artek have been known to efficiently slay their enemies by the millions, only to spend years in silent remorse for the loss of life.

The Artek are among the most advanced of spacefaring people. Their earliest space flights were in the mid 11th century AD, and first faster-than-light efforts in the early 1200's. The Artek bore witness to the waning years of the legendary Alliance of the Seven, and its eventual collapse in 1470. They watched in interest the rise of the Aquillans in the 2200's, and the Universal Alliance commencement cerimonies from afar in 2345. Citing similarities in doctrine, and a sufficient level of technological advancement, the Artek Republic officially forged an alliance with the Aquillan Imperium in 2540.

Artek are reknowned geneticists, scientists, architects, starship builders, and even magus.

Physical variance
Physically, Artek are short, slender reptilian humanoids with little or no body hair (hair is dark and fine if present.) Their skin is sandy-gray to chalk-white with similarly colored darker markings. Their eyes tend toward the ‘warm’ colors of red, orange or yellow, but rarely purple or green can occur. They have voices that are clear and smooth; slightly higher and crisper than Humans. They have nictitating eyelids and nostrils, and are highly adapted for desert living. Artek have a mild dislike of being immersed in water, preferring to clean themselves by other methods.

Phenomenal mental acumen. Very intelligent. Heat Resistance, Ambidexterity, Eat & Drink less, Cold Weakness, Low Alcohol Tolerance, Heightened Vision & Hearing, Infrared Vision, Resistant to Psionics, reliant on/immune to Chlorine.
(May have mild mutant variances)

Proud, arrogant, intellectual, analytical, superior, impassive and stoic (emotionally guarded.) Honor is very important. Voice is smooth and clear; higher and crisper than Human. Articulate and well annunciated. Tend to be obsessive, can be a perfectionist or have a superiority complex.

Homeworld Data
Seli IV (Lamber Meridian) known as Dach'Pan
Dist; Seli star system, 3848 LY from Earth.
Gravity: 1.095
20 hour day, 986.5 day year. Hot dry climate with harsh, rocky terrain with little surface water. Heavy electrical content in atmosphere. No snow.

:All forms of life on DachPan are resistant to heat and the toxic atmosphere. Most notable is the Tarbid, a sentient, highly adaptable polymorphic race. The largest animal on the planet is the luek-lumek, a carnivorous burrowing worm-like arthropod that can have a body length in excess of 25 meters. Like the terran ant-lion, the luek-lumek builds a huge pit for hapless victims to fall into.
Flora:The largest form of plantlife on the planet is the jex-sutek or "spire cactus". These can exceed 30 meters in height, with a base of more than 10 meters across. Most other plant life is subterrainean.

Dutahm class destroyer
175 meters, 10,033 tons
Highly advanced. The Artek have been spacefaring since before the 12th century AD, and have seen many an empire rise and fall. Larger Artek starships utilize incredibly powerful and essentially fuel-less "zero point energy" power convertors.

The Warstar class Capital Cruiser is the ultimate intstrument of the Artek people. Over 2500 meters across, over 6 million tons.

Biological Data
Pulse; 70p/min
Resp; 10p/min
Temp; 104.4°f(40.2°c)
Atmosphere Req; 55% N2, 20% O3, 15% O2, 2% Cl, 8% Other
Notes; Artek are exothermic (cold-blooded) omnivores with herbivore tendencies, preferring mild foods. Too many spices or fatty foods can disturb an Artek’s digestion. Woody grains and tasteless tubers are favored, while citrus is considered highly poisonous. Their immune system is reliant on chlorine. When operating outside of an Artek atmosphere, they carry a chlorine/ozone inhaler that they will occasionally take breaths from. They have two hearts, one centered over each resilient, husk-like lung. The liver is more durable than a Human’s. Due to centuries of genetic manipulation, the Artek are prone to benign and often useful minor mutations (see below.) Artek sleep very little and tend to be light sleepers.
Reproduction; Sexual, 8˝ month gestation. 75% fraternal (male/female) twins, 24% Single birth, 1% other.

Age Range
Middle Age86-140

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