Awaghen (uh WAH gen) Alliance: Aquillan

"The only thing certain in life is death... stop squirming!"

Male: 4 feet, 100 lb
Female: 3¾ feet, 80 lb

Population %; 40% Male, 60% female
Universal population; estimated 13 billion

Typical names; Family names (Since the males never have anything to do with rearing of offspring, all family names are passed from the female.) Melip, Pumon, Dulof, Pevig. Male names: Miso, Gynx, Arah, Julo. Female names: Ginaya, Taraxi, Mehei, Pon

Typical Build; Thick, short & strong.
Typical Alignment; Amoral, Depraved, Fiendish

Notorious racial reputation. Although the females outnumber the males almost 2 to 1, the larger, stronger males dominate all areas of Awaghen society & politics. The strongest males of high social standing may have a harem of 3-10 females. In these harems the females will often be no more than prisoners, let out only at the male’s whims. With all the most powerful males greedily hoarding the females, many of the lower class males are left with none. This leads to a lot of frustrated fighting and subterfuge among the Awaghen in general. Never before has a more scheming, backstabbing society been documented. Ruthless behavior that would be considered criminal on most worlds is accepted on the Awaghen Homeworld… just as long as you can get away with it. If you murder someone you don’t quite care for, you had better be prepared to take on those he is closely allied with as well. It is not common for an Awaghen to literally kill their way to the top. Those that stay in the best positions are very dangerous, paranoid individuals.

Awaghen make good thugs, enforcers, and bodyguards.

Physical variance
Unattractive to most other humanoid races, and very hairy. Tend to smell bad.

Stronger, more agile & tougher than Human. Adrenal boost. Strong willed, but overall mental strength is lower. Resistant to psionics, & very strong resistance to toxins, especially disease. Fast healers. Vision & taste are slightly more accute, Boosted sense of smell. Vision edges into the infrared.

Generally mean and surly, especially towards other races. Considered very harsh and rude. Tend to be very selfish, concentrating on their own well being before anyone else’s. Competitive, argumentative. Seem to thrive on conflict.

Homeworld Data
Parent star: Tervham (Known as Gamma Mher to the Humans), a magnitude 4.1 orange subgiant star.
Tervham IV is known as Akrum. Earth-like climate, but very high pressure atmosphere. Geologically unstable, with a myriad of caves.
Dist; Crux Arm of the Galaxy, 41,850 LY
Gravity: 1.466
Timetables: 26½ hour day, 1680 day (4½ year) year.

: The largest animal on the planet is a 70 ton grazing mammal called the towhenju.

Awaghen 'Battler' Armored warship 102' 495t

Biological Data
Pulse; 50 p/min
Resp; 10 p/min
Temp; 90°f(32°c)
Atmosphere Req; 76% N2, 20% O2, 4% N2O
Notes; Omnivorous, diurnal. Very tough body structure & cellular wall strength. Slow metabolism.
Reproduction; sexual; males almost always make the first move when mating. 98% single birth, 2% other.

Age Range
Middle Age41-60

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