Bacchans (buh KAHNZ) Alliance: Neutral

“The blood of the Bacchans runs colder than the cold of space."

Bacchans are asexual, being neither male nor female.
7½’, 580lb

Universal population; estimated

Typical names; Heritage name is presented first, then given name. Heritage names: Bannos, Tennik, Mecchim, Battir, Given names: Tann, Kynu, Morum, Hama

Typical Build; Big & tough.
Starting Money; high
Typical Alignment; Deviate, Lawful (“Good” alignments are rare)

Bacchans are known as a proud, but ruthless people. Bacchans arrogance and superior attitude are legendary. Highly structured and militaristic, the Bacchans government is pure draconic fascism. All Bacchans are required to spend at least one burai (11¼ years) in the Bacchans military, starting with the onset of puberty. In battle, the Bacchans are known to be cold-blooded, merciless killers, taking prisoners only when it is militarily strategic to do so. A common tactic Bacchans use when boarding a hostile ship in space is to force the high pressure, frigidly toxic Bacchans atmosphere into the enemy ship, usually with overwhelmingly lethal results.

Bacchans are both coldly emotionless, and thoroughly meticulous, especially when focusing on a task. Anything without purely functional purpose is commonly shunned by a Bacchans. Art and the artistic are seen as a superfluous waste of energies that could be better spent honing mind and body. Only utility is preferred and necessary of a Bacchans’ equipment, architecture or vehicles.

Soon after the foundation of the Aquillan Imperium in mid 200's AE, the Bacchans allied themselves to the fledgling Empire. After nearly a hundred years, however, they separated, the Bacchans citing dissatisfaction with some of the newer Imperium allied races. For a short time in recent history, the Bacchans were associated with the Universal Alliance. This did not last long, when the Bacchans wanted swifter, “more decisive” action when dealing with UA enemies. Now, the Bacchans are known to act in a solely mercenary faculty with anyone who can pay.

Bacchans Haiku

Bacchans usually distain all forms of art...but the mathematical order of Haiku has attracted more than one...
Here are four examples...

I am the frozen
Liquid ice flows in my veins
The cold makes me whole

The warm ones can't see
A hot mind cannot find truth
They are truly blind

Emotion clouds me
A cold wave soothes my spirit
Clarity is mine

Hot blood turns to ice
Freezing across my black skin
Cold death claims one more

Bacchans are known to be highly effective warriors.

Physical variance
Rubbery skin is always jet black. Eye color can be green, blue, or violet. Eyes glow as the temperature drops. Above the freezing point of water, eyes do not glow.

Tough & Strong. Powerful mind. Hyperconductive nervous system becomes more efficient the colder the temperature. Can boost physical speed temporarily. Vacuum survival. Exothermic (Body does not radiate heat) Weakness Vs water. Unfazably cool. Computer empathy. Animal antipathy.

Arrogant & superior. Proud of what they are. Bacchans are aloof & cold. In a ruthless, egomaniacal way, they are very dignified. Militaristic & formal. Rarely exhibit emotion. Voice is deep and crisp.

Homeworld Data
Parent Star; Rasalgethi (Alpha Herculis) A red supergiant with a magnitude of -2.29
Rasalgethi VI known as Bacchu. Extreme, bitter cold and the Bacchans like it that way. The poisonous atmosphere and cold make Bacchu toxic to organic life. Thick, high pressure atmosphere, and Nitric acid oceans. A constant cloud cover keeps any but infrared light from penetrating to the surface. The composition of the cloud cover reflects most high band light.
Dist; 220 light years
Gravity: 1.19

Timetables: 101 hour day, (911¼ year) year.

All life forms on Bacchu are silicon based. The diversity level of life forms is very low. The largest form of life on the planet is the Bacchans.

Bacchans are highly advanced. Bacchans technology is known to ‘get the job done’ without frills.

Biological Data
Pulse; 24 p/min (varies)
Resp; 4 p/min (varies)
Temp; Exothermic
Atmosphere Req; 70% N2, 10% O3, 10% O2, 7% N2O, 3% H
Notes; Body structure is made up of Silicon, arsenic & nitric acid. Bacchans sleep only after strenuous activity. Diet consists of the same elements the Bacchans are made up from. Electrolytes, acids, and electrical pulses act as stimulants or intoxicants for the Bacchans. Six ventrioles along a Bacchans’ sides enable them to breathe. They have six hearts, one near each ventriole.
Reproduction; asexual; Sex was an alien concept to the Bacchans until they began interacting with alien races. They were abhorred and confused to find different genders among other sentient species. Bacchans find sexual reproduction primitive and reprehensible. Bacchans, having no inclinations toward anything sexual, often look upon the gendered species as 'lesser beings' that are barely tolerated.
When the time for self-replication comes, the Bacchans are overwhelmed by a 'spawning instinct' to return to the homeworld. Once there, they weave an elaborate birthing husk in the frigid acidic ocean. The husk is constructed with a natural substance called "chod Bacchim", which is produced only at this time from glands located in their armpits and inner thighs. There is only an 8-16% chance the husk will actually produce a living Bacchans. Typically, a Bacchans will be able to produce 25-30+ husks in their reproductive lives. The husk takes over ten months to come full term.
Although Bacchans are capable of defending themselves at birth, the parent may raise their offspring, or even a non-related young at times. This is done more to pass along certain skills or knowledge that has been acquired, in order to ensure racial superiority, than for any parental bonding sake.

Age Range
Middle Age301-360

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