Batserai (BAT sehr aye) Alliance: Aquillan

“Sometimes the best meat is what is snatched from the jaws of the beast.”
~ Old Batserai Proverb

Male: 5 feet, 90 lbs
Female: 4 ft 6 in, 80 lbs

Population %; 75% Male, 25% female
Universal population; estimated 15 billion

Typical names; Pack/Family names: Tran, Haga, Vun, Rooz Male: Gerrum, Bulluk, Tagar. Female: Gerrai, Tarai, Bolla.

Typical Build; Tend to be smaller
Starting Money; Low
Typical Alignment; Amoral, Chaotic, Depraved, Neutral

Subterfuge has been a way of life for the Batserai for as long as anyone can remember. Thus, the race has a reputation of being sleazy, sneaky, backstabbing cutthroats. They seem to always prefer personal gain over any sort of helpfulness, unless of course, personal gain is attained through helping. Before the Terran exiled ship, the Prometheus landed on Gamma Arae III in 17 BE, the Batserai and Sondak had warred for centuries. Then, the exiled ZELAN terrorist organization (Later named Aquillans) came, aboard the Prometheus, with Ozzero, and the Batserai quickly sided with the newcomers. The fledgling Aquillan Imperium defeated and enslaved the Sondak as slave laborers, to be used to build the machinations of the empire itself.

Batserai are accomplished spies, assassins and saboteurs.

Physical variance
Fur color can be any natural tones. Tends to be darker. Eyes can be black, red, or shades of blue. Higher pitched voice.

Superior agility & observation, Superior Hearing, Phenomenal Smell, Nightvision, Weak Infrared Vision, Ultrasonic Hearing, Retractable Back Spines, Claws. Fast runners, high jumpers.

Sleazy, sneaky & backstabbing. Selfish & self centered. Prefer any personal advantage. Constantly cocking their heads and sniffing the air to use their superior senses.

Homeworld Data
Tanatsu III, known as Aquilla Prime or the native Batseri. Mild, Earthlike climate, very little geological activity. Rich in natural resources.
Dist; 1080LY from Earth in the Aquila Rift
Gravity: 0.92
18.3 hour day, 996 day year.

Life forms
: A variety, similar to that of Earth, exists on Aquilla Prime. the Batserai share the planet with one other native sentient species, the Sondak.
Flora: Again, a variety similar to that of Earth's plant life exists.

The Batseai never developed technologies of their own. Everything they use was developed for them by the Aquillan Imperium.

Biological Data
Pulse; 110 p/min
Resp; 20 p/min
Temp; 99.6°f(37.5°c)
Atmosphere Req; 72% N2, 22% O2, 6% Other
Notes; Omnivores. Not very particular about diet. Females have four mammae.
Reproduction; Sexual, 6 month gestation. 15% single birth, 20% fraternal twins, 20% fraternal triplets, 25% fraternal quadruplets, 20% other

Age Range
Middle Age31-50

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