Be'Atsta (bee AHT sta) Alliance: UA

"The animal and the civil are constantly at war."

Male: 7 feet, 500 pounds
Female: 7 feet, 410 pounds

Population %; 32% Male, 68% female
Universal population; estimated 6 billion

Typical names; When a Be'Atsta gives his or her name, the family name is listed first, then the given name is listed. Family names: Belk, Mahik, Jessh, Pelz. Male given names: Tarjo, Harjii, Pono, Kau. Female given names: Tari, Herrin, Peyona, Kay.

Typical Build; Muscled
Typical Alignment; Ethical, Virtued, Lawful

Be'Atsta are very noble, with a highly developed code of honor called Jahn-Je. This has been developed over centuries due to the Be'Atsta tendency to go berserk under stress as a survival technique. Strict codes of behavior are enforced by the people due to their dual nature. A berserk Be'Atsta is truly a scary sight to behold. Centuries in the past, the Be'Atsta embraced their 'animal' side, but this lead to untamed violence, and great wars that nearly wiped out Be'Atsta society. Be'Atsta now have structure & ceremony for every part of their lives. When a Be'Atsta loses control, they feel humiliated and embarrassed afterwards. Ones who lose control more than others are shunned by the more civilized Be'Atsta. Followers of the Code of Jahn-Je that go berserk must atone afterwards with purification ceremonies and ritual flagellation.

Repressing the animal is a tricky prospect for a Be'Atsta. It has been debated that this repression just makes it easier to lose control in the long run, and makes the berserk state even more savage when it comes out. Generally, the Be'Atsta understand that the regiment of repression is not a perfect system, but it's preferable to the anarchy that would be the alternative.

Be'Atsta make up much of the security force of the Universal Alliance.

Physical variance
Fur color is highly various, but usually brown, gray, or white, with darker spines, and coloring around the ears forearms & lower legs. Chest belly & muzzle are usually white. Eye color can be blue, red, green or brown.

Strong willed, Naturally athletic fighters. Very strong; a typical Be'Atsta can press 400 pounds. The strongest of them can press around a ton. Very tough & intimidating, Quick reflexes. Good sense of smell, great hearing, which ranges from infrasonic to ultrasonic. Defensive spines along back discourages grappling. Claw attack. Pheromones. May go berserk when under emotional distress. Weak Vs fire & heat. Like a Terran bear, they run faster when on all fours.

Fair & equitable. Very strongly opinionated & willing to fight and die for what they believe in. Extremely loyal to a friend.

Homeworld Data
Spica III (Alpha Virginis) known as Kalumo
Dist; 260 LY from Earth
Gravity: 1.05
21 hour day, 412 day year. Heavily forested world with mild summers and deadly cold winters.


Jahnzhe class capital cruiser.
5000 feet, 1.95 million tons.


Biological Data
Pulse;50 p/min
Resp;9 p/min
Temp; 100.9f(39c)
Atmosphere Req; 70% N2, 25% O2, 5% Ar
Notes; Very tough body structure. Diurnal omnivores, preferring high protein/high carbohydrate diet.
Reproduction; Sexual, 6 month gestation, 99% single birth.

Age Range
Middle Age91-130

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