Blachai (blah KYE) Alliance: Consortium

"...and there I was, surrounded on all sides...the Myleena bastards closed on my position...BARKEEP?!? Another round for my new friends and I!!"

Male: 6 ft 6 in, 285 lbs
Female: 6 ft 3 in, 235 lbs

Population %; 60% Male, 40% female
Universal population; over 30 billion

Typical names; Family names: Taraja, Yettu, Mahren, Katari, Jodo. Male given names: Darro, Khodo, Keer, Hintu. Female given names: Derra, Khona, Keji, Hintu

Typical Build; Tend to be larger
Typical Alignment; Neutral, Concientious, Deviate, Amoral

The Blachai are one of the more influential member races in the Free Trade Consortium. The Consortium itself was founded by a coalition of powerful, rich members of the Blachai, WroGrath, Modrabi & HhoLevari more than a thousand years ago in an attempt to monopolize space trade. After the Great Surge, the Consortium expanded its borders. The emergeance of the Aquillan Imperium and the Universal Alliance has thus far prevented an absolute monopoly, but the consortium is still the capitalist giant in the Galaxy. Although the Blachai were one of the founding members of The Consortium, the Blachai people themselves are governed by The Rule of the Nine, a council made up of the matriarchs or patriarchs of the nine most influential Blachai families. Blachai are known for their strong family values. The political processes among the Blachai are enormously complicated and involved. This highly convoluted political system seems to be a fascination to the people.

Blachai celebrate life with bravado. They go about life as boisterously as they can. Many festivals and holidays during the year are a testiment to this. Holidays celebrate things such as fertility, numerous past war victories, great leaders' birth or death days, or even just celebrating in general. A Blachai funeral can last a day or more, and involves celebrating the person's life with much feasting and drinking.

The Blachai are known to be merchants, pirates, mercenaries, lovers, fighters, and everything in between.

Physical variance
Generally lots of body hair. Skin is colored as Human, but usually darker. A flaxon mane of dirty blond hair is the most common, but other Human-like tones exist. Eyes are dark colored. Lighter eye color is considered rare and exotic. Blachai are very fond of tatoos and body piercings.

Natural brawlers, Reduced Hearing, Heightened Smell & Touch, Natural resistance to Toxins, especially Alcohol, Bite

Hedonistic, fun loving, boisterous and often glib. Competetive, hardy, passionate, and highly emotional. Robust and quite often overindulgent. Can be political minded, argumentative or vengeful.

Homeworld Data
Epis VIa, known as Charrus, moon of Obmaara. Tropical climate with lush, expansive forests, warm oceans, and no snow. Smooth large mountains.
Dist; 27,348 Light Years from Earth, near the Galactic Core
Gravity: 1.095
26.5 hour day, 69 day orbit of Obmaara, 10 year orbit of Epis

: At least a varied as terran animal life. Two native sentient species share Charrus with the Blachai; the massive, reclusive Sirili, and the cute furry Zirb'L
Flora: Thousands of species of coniferous trees, palms, & ferns cover the planet, and most of the plant life is edible.

Jakaja Class Cruiser
615' 45,000t
Highly advanced. The Blachai, according to their own history, have always been among the stars in one way or another. The earliest records come from 1000BC, and are not comfirmable. The records of Blachai using FTL technology in the 1500's AD are a bit more believable. Advancements abound in Blachai society. They've been known as the originators of much of modern technology.

The Rule of the Nine convenes in Corrin Torr ("the great cage"), an immense starbase in orbit of Charrus. It is 40 miles (64km) across. Corrin Torr was built near the time of the founding of the Consortium, nearly a thousand years ago by the Blachai and WroGrath.

Biological Data
Pulse; 60 p/min
Resp; 10 p/min
Temp; 103.4f(39.7c)
Atmosphere Req; 78% N2, 21% O2, 1% Other
Notes; Similar to Human, but higher, hotter metabolism
Reproduction; Sexual, 9 month gestation, mostly single birth

Age Range
Middle Age56-90

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