Borria (BOHR ee ah) Alliance: Aquillan

"Chaos its own destruction, hurry it down the path."

Male: 7'3" 300lb
Female: 7'3" 260lb

Population %; 55% Male, 45% female
Universal population; estimated 6½ billion

Typical names; Family names; Yoi, Serath, Darr, Jerakai. Male names: Khang, Merl, Quong, Sem. Female names: Khani, Merli, Quona, Semmi

Typical Build; tall & lanky
Typical Alignment; Deviate, Lawful, Virtued

Borria (BOHR ee ah) have a highly draconic code of laws. Chaotic influence and discord are not tolerated, and instigators of such are harshly punished. Death is the most common punishment for any infraction in Borria held territory. Even outsiders that come to the Borria homeworld and who break the law are often put to death. Borria feel that all should understand what is deemed orderly and proper behavior, and ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it. In the interest of leniency or under pressure of alien governments, outsiders may be flogged publicly as an example that justice is done, and then exiled from the planet, rather than being executed, however. To outsiders, Borria seem a highly conservative, proud, and arrogant people who are supremely confident in the righteousness of Borria point of view.

The ultimate manifestation of Borria lawful outlook comes in the form of their Genocide Protocols. It is through these stringent set of guidelines that they enact their own law on other sentient species. The protocols are instituted upon races that the Borria deem too chaotic, with no chance of redemption to allow for their continued existence. In the last 500 years, the Borria have brought about the extinction or near extinction of 14 alien species. Three other races have been targeted, but have so far escaped: the Bachoya, the HhoLevari, and the K'Loffai. The longest running is the Borria war with the HhoLevari, beginning in 350AE. The HhoLevari were the first alien species the Borria encountered upon developing faster-than-light travel. When the Borria met the HhoLevari, it was like matter meeting antimatter. It was due to their contact with the highly liberal minded HhoLevari that the Borria initially developed the Genocide Protocols. The conflict with the Bachoya, which begun in 120AE, was over a similar issue, and due to the Bachoya aiding their HhoLevari allies against the attacking Borria.

The conflict with the K’loffai seemed at first to be more political in nature, with the K’Loffai claiming seven Borria held mining colony worlds as K’loffai ‘holy lands’ in 587AE. The Borrian Genocide Protocols were enacted due to the assumption that any species that would risk all out war over solely religious reasons is unfit to survive. It was soon after this that the K’Loffai allied with the UA in order to fend off the Aquillan allied Borria.

Physical variance
Skin tone is gray to black. Hair color may be black, mahogany, dark blue or dark violet. Eye color is almost always a deep pupilless black.

Physically tough & strong. An average Borria can press 200-300 pounds. The strongest can press up to half a ton. Strong willed, highly resistant to psionics. Resistant to toxins and to heat. Weak Vs cold. Fast reflexes. Phenomenal vision, good hearing & sense of smell. Reduced sense of touch. The disconcerting stare of a Borria can break the concentration of a trained magus or psychic. It is unlikely that a Borria would become a priest or take a "Faith" skill.

Perfectionist, Borria revel in all manner of warrior arts. They make great bounty hunters, as they enjoy seeing the chaotic elements eliminated from society.

Homeworld Data
Aludra IX (Eta Canis Majoris) known as Borrus Prime
Dist; 2480 light years
Gravity: 1.33
87 hour day, 1997.4 day year.

: many Borria have a jakka hunting reptile as a companion. A jakka is a squat bulldog shaped quadraped with sharp teeth, and bad temperment.


Biological Data
Pulse; p/min
Resp; p/min
Temp; °f(°c)
Atmosphere Req;

Age Range
Middle Age81-120

Grakkoi polearm, 8 ft long
A favorite of Borria warriors. This finely crafted weapon is microserrated, harder than diamond, lighter than aluminum, and can be thrown like a javelin.

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