OFRPG Club Rules

  1. This is a true roleplaying club, not a "let's continue the story" club. The only aspect you as a player have total control of is your character(s). For absolute fairness, only the narrator of the story should direct things like the environment or major NPC's (Non-Player-Character) actions. Minor NPC's in minor circumstances are fine. An NPC you are not likely to see again is fine... More established NPC's, or more powerful NPC's are generally off limits. Do not finish a situation ie: "I shoot the 10 foot cyborg and it dies, then I go back to drinking." (I actually saw someone post that.) Uhm...no. Decisions like this are for the narrator. You can shoot at the cyborg, but you cannot outright say you hit it or whatnot.

  2. Character must be a race from the OFRPG Universe and approved by a founder in order to interact. Characters from other realms have been allowed in the past, but I will not allow it in the future. Just ask, and we will help you make a character if you need.

  3. You must abide by the history and technology of the OFRPG Universe when posting. Any vehicles or other equipment must be preapproved by the narrator.

  4. If there were ratings for content, Consider the OFRPG Club as "Mature", This club is intended for roleplayers over the age of 17, & may contain adult language and situations. Blatant pornography will not be permitted.

  5. Narrator has the final say on combat and other contested postings. If you have a question as to a subject, email or page one of the founders before posting. Don't get offended if your post is deleted, disected, and/or reposted with changes. This is done for correction purposes, or to keep the story on track... Do not "overpost" as in posting many actions at once for your character. One or two actions is fine... You need to let the other players have the chance to respond to what you are doing. One to three paragraphs is appropriate.

  6. Stay within the confines of your character when posting. Please refrain from using player knowledge in roleplaying your character.

  7. Collaborative postings, while useful, cannot always be done. Post something to continue what's going on, or leave a message as "OOC". (Out of Character)

  8. No whining.....

  9. Respect other players, use common sense, pay attention to the posts, and most importantly, have a BLAST!!

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