Din mouth detail.
Note the venom hooks on the sides.
Dinn (DIHN) Alliance: Neutral

"You have violated the sovereignty of the Dinn Hegemony. Withdraw immediately or you will be destroyed."

Male: 5'11", 210lb
Female: 5’7”, 160lb

Population %; 65% Male, 35% female
Universal population; estimated over 15 billion

Typical names; Family names: Oroph, Kehr, Dellith, Muhal. Male names: Karrek, Duvex, Morgin, Guthom. Female names: Karrea, Duvea, Morgea, Guthoa

Typical Build; Thickly built.
Typical Alignment; Deviate, Lawful, or Neutral

Dinn, to outsiders, seem very cold and emotionless. And this is exactly the case. Emotional response is a foreign and frivolous concept to the highly logical and calculating Dinn. The Dinn are not repressing emotions as some races who embrace pure logic do, but the Dinn brain just is not equipped to generate or comprehend emotions. Notions of such things as humor, ridicule, sarcasm and satire are completely alien to the Dinn, who feel that one should say exactly what they mean without embellishing with simile and metaphor. When conversing with a Dinn, be careful, as they will take what’s said very literally. Integrity and honor are very imperative to the Dinn. This is the one characteristic they admire in other races when encountered. The Dinn concern themselves only with what is real and scientific, not with intangibles or things of purely aesthetic purpose. Dinn design and architecture is Spartan, and everything has a purpose. Anything found to be extraneous or unnecessary is eliminated.

This attitude permeates every part of Dinn life. Imperfections are sought out and either corrected or purged. Children born with uncorrectable defects that will hamper their lives are killed without a second thought. Dinn found with less than ideal characteristics are persecuted to the extreme, until either the defect is corrected, or the Dinn has been killed. Only those Dinn deemed to be of the highest quality of genetic stock and development are allowed to flourish in Dinn society. There are strict guidelines for determining who is superior to whom, and a caste system is implemented for the purpose of placement in the social order. As the Dinn do not believe in wasting resources, every Dinn executed or otherwise dying is either processed into food, or made into fertilizer for the crops they use to feed their livestock. There are no Dinn graveyards.

The Dinn were one of the first alien races that Humans met in space, pre-Surge. The Dorogo had warned the Humans not to travel to Dinn held space, but the curious nature of Humans drove them to the myriad of stars in the Pleiades cluster. Thinking that these Dinn could not be as terrible as the Dorogo claimed and seeking allies in the war against the R’Jiri, Earth sent a diplomatic expedition to the Dinn homeworld, Battephex in 5BE. It was never heard from again. Earth sent a military expedition force to investigate, but it was destroyed by the Dinn. Only a handful of ships escaped to tell of the terrible carnage. Even with limited spacefaring resources at the time, the Earth was planning an attack on Battephex when the Ovmörtacian Surge threw everything into chaos. After the cataclysm of the Surge was over, and Earth formed the Universal Federated Alliance, the Dinn were invited to join. In a rather blunt and disdainful way, the Dinn declined.

Physical variance
Skin is various shades of warm brown or gray, with a light colored belly and throat. Eye color is highly various, with yellow, orange and red being the most common colors.

Natural thick hide armor. (+3 Armor) Phenomenal vision, edging both into ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. Sense of smell is heightened. Taste is reduced. Hearing is geared for a higher frequency than Human, and can hear into the ultrasonic. Sonar. Highly resistant to Toxins, Psi & Magick. Nasty bite attack. (Teeth are in several rows, like a shark's, and do regenerate in time if lost.) Claw attack with Paralyzing venom. Natural unarmed fighters. Tough Luck. Fast reflexes. Unattractive.

Ruthless, lawful, territorial & xenophobic. Seem to be highly antisocial, and private, even to other Dinn, except during the mating cycle. Voice is crisp, clear and highly articulate. Pick one of the following @ “Strong”, and one @ “Weak”: Obsession, Depression, Superiority Complex, Perfectionist, Sociopath, Bloodthirsty, Casual killer, or Berserk.

Homeworld Data
Parent star is Sah’Vam, a star in the Pleiades cluster. Sah’Vam III is known as the Planet Battephex. The surface of Battephex has rarely been seen by foreigners. The database from a destroyed patrol ship was the first glimpse of this dangerous world for outsiders. What was found was a planet as deadly as the Dinn themselves. The planet is covered with everything from deadly jungles to blisteringly hot deserts. It is geologically inactive, with ancient lava tunnels honeycombing the entire subsurface. The atmosphere is also more dangerous than most Earthlike planets. The only relatively safe places on the planet are the great walled cities... and even then, only safe until you consider that they are full of millions of Dinn.
Dist; 590 light years
Gravity: 1.196
33 hour day, 302 day year.

The flora and fauna of Battephex are highly lethal and adaptive. Deadly carnivores and armored toxin spitting herbivores share the razor vine covered jungles with carnivorous and acidic pit trap plants that have a 12 meter wide maw. One Terran politician joked that Battephex must be the ultimate masochist’s vacation spot.

Highly advanced, the Dinn have apparently been space faring since the early 19th century by the Terran calendar. Most Dinn starships are a basic sphere configuration for space travel, or a saucer or wedge design where the ship will be traveling in an atmosphere for extended periods.

Biological Data
Pulse; 50 p/min
Resp; 6 p/min
Temp; 102.3°f(39.05°c)
Atmosphere Req; Thin atmosphere. 73% N2, 15% CO2, 11% O2, 3% O3
Notes; Strict carnivores with a highly efficient metabolism. Shark-like teeth regenerate when lost. Each clawed hand has four digits total, two of them being opposable thumbs. Can survive in a toxic atmosphere for long periods of time.
Reproduction; Sexual. The Dinn female goes into a mating cycle once every fourteen to twenty months. She will violently seek out a mate, succumbing only to the male who can best her in combat. Gestation is 6½ months, and one to three offspring is normal. Offspring are protected by the adults, but generally, left to fend for themselves. Dinn are capable of hunting and killing small prey from the moment they are born.

Aging: Dinn grow to adulthood in a very rapid manner, and do not surrender to the effects of old age for a long time.
Middle Age86-120

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