Dorogo (DOHR oh go) Alliance: UA

"You have no honor, and will die like the coward you are!"

Male: 8 feet, 6 inches 850 lbs
Female: 8 feet 700 lbs

Population %; 70% Male, 30% female
Universal population; estimated 1 Billion

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Typical Build; Massive & Muscled
Typical Alignment; Lawful, Ethical, Deviate, Virtued

Dorogo are an ancient people, with a history going back many millenia. A noble and proud race, much focus is put on strength, endurance, and one's honor. Dorogo tend to be blunt, and many races take this as rudeness, but to the Dorogo, absolute honesty is paramount. Individuals in Dorogo society are judged based on actions, and potential, and not on trivial things such as gender, or the color of their scales. Respect and loyalty are not a trivial matter to the Dorogo, and must be earned. Dorogo, in adition to being phenominal and honorable warriors, are renowned artists and poets.

Dorogo are considered the dominant race of Belador, but the Bampu, the other sentient species from the planet, might argue that with you. Dorogo and Bampu have never seen eye to eye, neither literally, nor figuratively. Innumerable wars and other conflicts have occured between Dorogo & Bampu far back into Belador's history. The Dorogo actually enslaved the Bampu several times in history. During the Aquillan Occupation of Belador from 478 to 530 AE, the Dorogo & the Bampu actually worked together under the guidance of the Universal Alliance (UA) for the common cause of liberating Belador. Dispite this cooperation in the Aquillan crisis, Dorogo & Bampu still have some deep animosity between them. After the Aquillan retreat in 530, the Dorogo immediately joined the UA, but the Bampu, due to thier fractured government, or lack therof, did not join until over two centuries later.

Natural born fighters. Phenomenal Strength; a typical Dorogo can press around 650 lb. The Strongest among the Dorogo can press over 2 tons. Thick skin & scales; +4 armor. Natural born fighters. Keen Vision & Smell, Reduced Sense of Touch, Sharper Taste, Infrasonic Hearing, Glide, highly resistant to Psionics, Toxins & Magic. Infrasonic Speech, Light Sensitive eyes, Flame Breath, Hemotoxic Blood, Strong Bite, Claw, Wing Strike Attack, Tail Slap Attack, Vacuum Survival as long as breath is held, extended Breath holding. Repell Undead. A keen understanding of things, very wise. Generally Unlucky. Slower.

Death before dishonor. Extremely proud and noble. Warrior and Artistic prowess is highly revered. Voice is a deep rumbling bass, partially infrasonic. Some intermittant chirps and clicks in Dorogo Languages.

Homeworld Data
Parent Star: Ahn, (Kakkrum in Bampu) known to Humans as Vega. Homeworld is known as Belador. Thick rainforests cover most of the planet. Geologically active, caves and hot springs abound across the planet. No large bodies of water exist. Snow is rare, even in the far north or south.
Dist; 26 light years
Gravity: 1.0088
22.8 hour day, 409 day revolution.

: Animal life on Belador is highly various, and have adapted to every part of the planet, from the jungle canopy itself, to subterrainean, to the expansive river network that criscrosses the world. There are two sentient species on Belador. (See Bampu file for more info.)
Flora: As various (if not more) as the animal life. A woven canopy of trees covers most of the planet.


Dhukalla Class Destroyer Escort (5200 t)

Khorva Class Light Assault Cruiser 815' 63,000t

Comparably advanced as Humans, Dorogo vehicles are known to be massive armored juggernaughts. There is nothing subtle about a 300 ton Dorogo Tank Killer barreling through the sky towards you, or a 12 million ton Dorogo capital battleship defending her territory. In areas of armor, weaponry, and shields, Dorogo tech is superior to Human's, but is inferior in areas of speed, and maneuverability. Medical and computer technology are also a bit lagging compared to other races. Devastating reflex plasma weapons are the Dorogo favorite. Most of the resources for building vessels comes from the 2 moons of Belador, as the Dorogo are highly environmentally conscious of their world.

Biological Data
Pulse; 30 p/min
Resp; 5 p/min
Temp; 108.4f(42.4c)
Atmosphere Req; 72% N2, 20% O2, 5% CO2, 3% Other

  • Dorogo have 5 sets of vocal chords.
  • Omnivorous, preferring spiced, seared meat and other strong, flavorful foods and drink.
  • Mohkum, The thick gas used for Dorogo flame breath is produced in the digestive tract, and stored below the lungs in a pseudo-stomach. The mohkum is ignited when the Dorogo brings it up into their throat, then infuses it with pure oxygen, which can be concentrated in the lungs after a deep breath. Mohkum must be expelled by mouth at least once (or sometimes twice) a day if not used, otherwise, cramping pain results. Dorogo call the noisy expelling of this noxious, flamable gas without causing it to ignite chah-mohkum or "fluting". Whether aflame or not, Dorogo equate the feeling of expelling mohkum to vomiting.
  • Dorogo are more comfortable in the dark, but are not considered a nocturnal species. They usually sleep twice a day for around 3 hours apiece.
    Reproduction; Dorogo females only come into estrous once every 50 to 75 years. Reproduction is sexual, and females breastfeed their egg-hatched young. Gestation is four months in the mother, with a 19 month incubation period in the egg. It is nearly always a single offspring...Dorogo have myths and superstition about twins and multiple births.

    Image of the eldest living Dorogo as of 780AE, Fyrekhus Tykhasi.
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