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Welcome to the OFRPG Universe!

Welcome to YeBocha Spaceport on Planet Keta, in a time where high tech and high magic meet and mingle in a cacophony of high adventure. Centuries ago, magick reappeared in the Universe with a bang. Now, great empires wage wars both physical and ideological for control of all. Keta is a neutral world, a proving ground, a place to encounter anything and everything imaginable... and some things better left out of mind...

This site is a resource center for the Orion Force Roleplaying Game (OFRPG) Universe. You are hundreds of years and hundreds of light years from the Earth you know. The primary focus of the game is on the individuals and their lives amongst all of what is occuring... They make allies and enemies along the way, some live, some die, romantic encounters occur... interaction is the key. Its up to the players, and Game Narrator to flavor the way the story goes. OFRPG is an original Universe of the far future.

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