Hho-Levari (kho leh VAHR ee) Alliance: Consortium

"Of course, what's business without a little...pleasure?"

Male: 6 feet, 195 lbs
Female: 5 feet 9 inches, 140 lbs

Population %: 35% Male, 65% female
Universal population: estimated 8 billion

Typical names: Family names: Toloth, Shesi, Keir, Halavam. Male given names: Mahilan, Dareth, Timor. Female given names: Mahi, Daera, Tyae.

Typical Build: Tend to be slender & attractive
Typical Alignment: Neutral, Conscientious, Chaotic

HhoLevari are an adaptable, metamorphic people renowned as courtesans, diplomats, and negotiators. They are the quintessential social chameleon, figuratively and literally. Physical love and affection are a big part of the HhoLevari life. Aspects of pure hedonism and general pleasure are what the people are known for. One Human ambassador described a full body massage by the HhoLevari ambassador as "Absolutely pure bliss... the best two hours of my life." The HhoLevari follow a large pantheon of deities, most of which involve some aspect of wellbeing and pleasure. The queen of the HhoLevari deities is ShenSharae, The Mother of All Pleasure. Her doctrines involve the "spreading of the principles of goodness and pleasure to all beings." The HhoLevari are very open and liberal minded. Their way of life has put them at odds with several other species over the years, most notably the Borria. The conflict between the Borria and the HhoLevari lasted more than 430 years (on and off), with the Borria seeking complete genocide. It was only through intervention of the UA that the HhoLevari society survived. The Borria government withdrew their application for membership to the UA over the incident.

The HhoLevari government is one of ancestral monarchy, with the genetic lines of the rulers going back centuries. The only way one can go into politics is by being born into a political family, or by marrying into one. Arranged marriage is very common among the HhoLevari, and a powerful man or woman may have a harem of both males and females.

Physical variance
HhoLevari can alter hair and skin color quickly, but their normal hair color is a wispy, silvery gray. Eyes are soft pastel colors. Skin color can be soft tones of blue, violet, pink, yellow, or even chalk white or soft gray. Jet black is possible, but very rare. Voice is warm and personable. HhoLevari can't grow facial hair, and have very little body hair in general.

All senses are very acute, especially vision, which ranges into the ultraviolet. Very attractive, Sensual Empathy, Pheromones, Aluring voice, resistant to Toxins.
Example of HhoLevari metamorphic ability:
As the man watched, the sultry alien woman dropped off a drink for one patron seated on a grav-stool at the bar, and then walked over to another. As she began to make some flirtatious overtures to the customer, her skin visibly lightened, and her long, straight hair turned from pale blonde to a wild and fiery red. Her already generous bust visibly increased two cup sizes, and her hips rounded to a much fuller appearance. The patron smiled in response. The man then realized that the woman was a HhoLevari shapeshifter, able to change their appearance intuitively to whatever those they dealt with responded to in the most positive fashion. The barfly paid her for the drink and added a hefty tip. One of the HhoLevari's now emerald green eyes winked in the man’s direction, as her hair smoothly darkened to glossy jet black. A Dorogo then grunted loudly in passing, getting the HhoLevari’s attention. As she focused in his direction, she took on a plainer, gray-drab appearance; her eyes became black pools, hair pale. She pouted at the Dorogo and turned away. Dorogo were apparently too alien for the HhoLevari’s empathic talents to be quite as effective.

Personable and helpful, often flirtatious. Very smooth and charismatic.

Homeworld Data
Parent star: Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minoris) Polaris V is known as Zhaneth. A beautiful paradise with pure air, water & soil. Seasons are very even and mild. On Zhaneth, the HhoLevari homeworld, the normal style of dress is none.
Dist: 431 lightyears from Earth.
Gravity: 0.96
33 hour day, 2631 day (7.2 Years) year.

: No native parasites, may be some that have been imported... but those are usually destroyed as soon as they are found out. The worst recorded 'outbreak' was from a Terran freighter, it contained thousands of mosquitoes... which rapidly reproduced in the warm tropical environment. A myriad of bird and flying reptile species exist. Seasons are very even and mild. A popular pet among the HhoLevari is the snarhi, a relatively intelligent, gliding simian-like animal. No large predators or grazing animals exist natively. HhoLevari also share their home with a race of chaotic shapeshifters called Tarbid. More influential among the HhoLevari are known to keep Tarbid as pets or companions.
Flora: A beautiful, exotic array of flowering plants and expansive, gnarled deciduous trees cover the planet.

Shay class capital cruiser.
Wingspan is 1247 meters, displacement is over 2 million tons
Although the HhoLevari are peaceful by nature, the people do have a formidable fleet of starships for protecting their interests.

Biological Data
Pulse: 70 p/min
Resp: 12 p/min
Temp: 99.1°f(37.3°c)
Atmosphere Req: 75% N2 25% O2
Notes: Diurnal omnivores, with herbivorous tendencies. Physiology is based around the senses.
Reproduction: Sexual, 8 month gestation, nearly always a single birth.

Age Range
Middle Age71-110

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