3000 BC: Enlightened natives of the Planet Varga complete a map of the Milky Way Galaxy.

2780 BC: Completion of the first Egyptian pyramid.

2168 BC: The Dorogo, Nabvakos – originator of the Bykhoru Code, is born on the Planet Belador.

2000 BC: The Bronze Age begins in Europe.

1770 BC: Nabvakos completes the Bykhoru Code and ushers in an age of law and order on Planet Belador.

1400 BC: The Iron Age begins in Asia.

1000 BC:  Jerusalem is founded.

1059 BC: The Artek Handak the Just is born on Planet Dach’Pan, marking the start of the modern Artek calendar.

776 BC: The first Olympic Games are held.

753 BC: Buddha is born.

551 BC: Confucius is born.

Around “00”: Jesus Christ is born.

79: Pompeii is destroyed in a volcanic eruption.

400: Beginning of the DJringlin calendar on Planet Keta. The rise of the ruthless warrior-king Khembris the Conqueror is heralded by the first recorded sighting of a mysterious vessel in orbit of the planet.

476: The Middle Ages begin, also known as “The Dark Ages”.

570: Muhammad is born.

814: Arabic numerals are established.

986: Dorogo astronauts from Belador land on Earth, only to be attacked as “dragons”. There is evidence of other alien visits to earth prior to this, but this is the earliest one that has been confirmed by the actual race later on.

988: The Dorogo, the Vargans and five other alien civilizations form the Alliance of Seven following the precept of non-interference with less advanced species.

1000: Vikings explore North America. Wars sweep the Earth for the next few centuries.

1052: The Artek of Dach’Pan make their first rocket propelled orbital flights.

1096 – 1291: The Crusades.

1212: The Artek make their first faster-than-light space flight.

1347 – 1351: The Black Plague kills untold millions worldwide on Earth.

Mid 1400’s: The Renaissance begins.

1470: The long standing Alliance of Seven collapses due to civil war in the Orion Galactic Spur.

1492: Christopher Columbus opens a route to North America from Europe.

1507: The first world map is produced.

1582: The Gregorian calendar is introduced.

1600’s – 1800’s: Revolutions and wars continue. The face of Earth changes…

1700’s – 1800’s: The Industrial Revolution.

1846: The Free Trade Consortium is founded in the Sagittarius Galactic Arm by a coalition of powerful members of the Blakhai, WroGrath, and HhoLevari races.

1866: DJringlin astronauts land aboard the mysterious vessel in orbit.

1883: Krakatoa explodes, killing more than 36 thousand.

1894 – 1990: Modrabi/Hytroc Stellar War.

1914 – 1918: World War I.

1918: Influenza kills nearly 40 million worldwide.

1922: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) established.

1929: US stock market crash triggers worldwide financial depression.

1939 - 1945: World War II.

1946: The United Nations (UN) is founded.

4 July 1947: An unknown alien vessel crashes near Roswell, New Mexico. The US government adopts an unwritten policy of cover-up and misinformation on extraterrestrial intelligence that lasts for over a century.

1949: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is founded.

1955: The Warsaw Pact is established.

1957: European markets are established. Sputnik I becomes the first Terran-made object in space.

1958: Famine kills 20 million in China.

1961: Yuri Gargarian is the first modern Human in space.

1969: Humans land on Earth’s moon.

(Do I really need to mention the 1970’s?)

1981: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launches the first Space Shuttle mission.

1988: Earthquake in Armenia kills 25 thousand. The Earth rallies to help in an unprecedented show of unity.

1989: Tiananmen Square massacre.

1991: The USSR disbands. The former republics are returned to self-rule.

1998: The first tests of ion propulsion engines.

Late 20th – Early 21st century: Advances abound, unrest grows, and wars continue. A series of devastating terrorist attacks worldwide take place. Many nations begin an active war on terrorism that will virtually eradicate world terrorism and terrorist networks.

Around 2000: The only real result of the infamous “Y2K Crisis” is a baby boom in the autumn. It is later discovered the Y2K scare was largely cultivated by computer engineers.

2004: Humans begin an era of the privatization of space exploration.

2011: The International Space Station is completed. NASA’s Space Shuttle fleet is retired.

Early to Mid-21st Century events: Correlation to modern dates is unclear due to the skewing of time and space after the chaos of the Ovmörtacian Breach. Humans land on Mars.

180 – 173 BE: A virulent viral plague dubbed “The Money Virus” kills more than 450 million worldwide, and leaves over 99% of the surviving population sterile.

170 BE: A small nuclear device explodes in Washington D.C. killing 170 thousand, including President Everett Foster and the First Family. The instigator of the attack is never proven, but the event triggers world war.

170 – 163 BE: World War III, aka Foster’s War.

170 BE: The International Space Station is destroyed in a terrorist attack.

166 BE: The Second Tiananmen Square Massacre.

164 BE: US President Matthew Bern, President Foster’s former VP, is implicated in the nuclear bombing of Washington D.C. He is assassinated days later while in custody by unknown persons.

163 BE: The war escalates into a nuclear exchange. Nobody knows who started it. More than 6 billion perish; society falters and many governments collapse. Radioactive fallout makes large parts of the world unlivable.

146 BE: DJringlin land on Lauron, the moon of Pembu’Ala and begin a centuries-long conflict with the native yvek.

130BE: Aboard International Space Station Two, quantum physicist William Massiter and his wife, biochemist Renee Cole, develop a method of quickly and safely rendering radioactive material inert. Nuclear fallout is completely eradicated over the next few years and a semblance of society returns.

128 BE: On Mars, ancient ruins and mummified Human remains are found by a team led by genius French industrialist and astronaut F. Jacques D’Arion. They pre-date any known Human civilization on Earth. D’Arion dubs the site “Eden” and utters the famous words, “We have not set foot on an alien world. We have returned home.”

125 BE: While Humans experiment with propulsion approaching the speed of light, a Kafori vessel reveals itself to the people of Earth. It is destroyed by unknown forces. Panic engulfs the already instable population which quickly degrades back into chaos. The arrival of the Kafori is merely the match that ignites the powder keg. The remnants of the UN declare worldwide martial law.

118 BE: Renee Cole leads a team that develops a vaccine for the Money Virus; this is proven when the 56 year old biochemist becomes pregnant. Freidrich Massiter is born to her and husband William later that year.

117 BE: F. Jacques D’Arion heads a team that perfects Earth’s first reliable faster-than-light (FTL) propulsion system.

115 BE: Peace on Earth is fully realized. This peace lasts for 40 years. Terraforming attempts begin on Mars during the peace.

105 BE: D’Arion takes young savant Friedrich Massiter as his pupil and confidant.

75 BE: A secret organization calling itself ZEON reveals itself to the world, preaching against the UN, demanding new leadership. Its charismatic leader is a man in a glided mask calling himself Aquila.

75 -69 BE: The UN – ZEON War.

69 BE: With the defeat of ZEON eminent, Aquila commits suicide. He is revealed to be the 90 year old astronaut and scientist F. Jacques D’Arion. His prototype starship launches and vanishes in a faster-than-light blur.

68 BE: On his 50th birthday, Freidrich Massiter changes his name to Fredrick Maxter, and founds Maxtercorp based on D’Arion and his parents’ research.

59 BE: The Maxtercorp starship Pandora leaves Earth for Alpha Centauri. Its architect, Fredrick Maxter, is aboard, leading the mission. After an eight month journey, and successfully achieving orbit around a frozen earth-like planet, a droning voice booms inside the small vessel, “You are not prepared for what awaits you beyond your own solar system.” The Pandora is inexplicably repelled from Alpha Centauri, and limps back to Earth.

57 BE: On their second manned mission to another star system, this time Sirius. Humans encounter the R’Jiri. The fiercely territorial and predatory R’Jiri overwhelm the Humans, and use them for food. The R’Jiri trace the ship back to Earth, and begin capturing Humans and animals alike to take back to their home world. The Human – R’Jiri War begins. Due to the cost of war, terraforming efforts on Mars are abandoned.

48 BE: While searching for alien allies against the R’Jiri near the outer rim of the Orion Spur, Humans encounter a single, globe shaped scout ship form an advanced, unknown alien race. An entire expeditionary force of 235 people in three ships is destroyed without a word. The ship disappears without a trace.

45 BE: A Human deep space expedition encounters the Bacchans for the first time. The Bacchans deem the Humans as inferior and unworthy of associating with. The Humans are forced to retreat from Bacchans space.

44 BE: Humans meet the ancient, advanced Vargan race in the Procyon system, neighboring Sirius. The Vargans say they will neither help nor hinder the Humans against the R’Jiri, as they do not want to interfere in the developmental course of any of the “lesser races”. They do, however, allow the Humans on their world for the purposes of cultural exchange.

39 BE: Humans are called to meet with representatives of the Dorogo, D’yeko, Jham’bi, Be’Atsta and Kafori races. The “Orion Alliance” is soon formed of these six races. The fledgling alliance’s first act is a declaration of war against the R’Jiri. Faced with overwhelming odds, the R’Jiri abandon the war.

17 BE: D’Arion’s starship, Prometheus, lands on Tanatsu III. During the trip, the OZEN-Zero computer has achieved true sentience, and recreated itself as a 3 meter tall mechanical automaton calling itself “Ozzero”. He renames Tanatsu III as Aquilla Prime. With the help of the devious native Batserai, Ozzero enslaves the peaceful native Sondak and begins building an empire, with the precept of universal peace through universal order.

Ø Event” (Assumed around 2190AD): The Ovmörtacian Breach changes everything. The cause of the breach itself is unknown.

©  Beings discover how to use magick.

©  The Orion Alliance dissolves in disagreement over magick.

©  The UN dissolves and Maxtercorp becomes the most dominant power on Earth for the next half century.

©  Ozzero forges many alliances at this time. The term “Aquillan Imperium” (AI) is first used during this time. The names “Ozzero” and “Aquillan” strike fear into the galaxy.

©  Time is now commonly recorded as “AE” or “After the Event” of the Ovmörtacian Breach.

©  Hints of the existence of a highly advanced civilization (The Consortium) in the Sagittarius Arm come to light for the denizens of the Orion Spur.

©  Religious wars, not seen in over a century on Earth – now rage anew over the existence of magick. The New Crusades begin.

©  The Galaxy is in chaos. Time itself skews.  Very little reliable history exists for this time.

1 AE: Many new (old) religions are formed (reformed) due to the remarkable evidence that all the old gods (Norse, Egyptian, Indian, etc.) have returned to life… rather actively after centuries of sleep (death). The scientific community tries to explain this away logically, and fails.

10 AE: The Magus Campus Archaeus is founded in the center of London, England, enclosing the Breach. The Interplanetary Magi Parliament (I.M.P.) is formed.

30 AE: On the 30th Anniversary of the Breach, a dusky-skinned, elfish creature calling itself an Ovmörtacian appeared. He explained that his dimension has been breached, and that physics operated differently.

122 AE (around 2312): The Spee’At and Mong-Haru join the AI.

124 AE: The Lloroq join the Free Trade Consortium.

149 – 151 AE: Conflict rises between Maxtercorp and various nations on Earth. Facing the potential of unified military action and possible dissolution, the corporation relinquishes much of its power. A new United Earth rises as a result.

153 AE: As the effects of the Breach spread further throughout the galaxy, creatures of legend awaken on many planets, most remain hidden. Some of the races find themselves more attune to other abilities as well as magick or find themselves slightly changed due to the new force in the universe.

155 AE (5 April 2345): Humans, Kafori and fourteen other different alien races found the Universal Alliance (UA). A new, uniform legal code is implemented equally on all member worlds. The Dorogo want nothing to do with this new alliance. The Vargans sign on as advisors. At the commencement ceremony on Earth, Lord Ozzero of the AI speaks out against the UA as the “beginning of yet another tool for opportunistic Terran aggression and expansion.” Despite this, an era of galactic order begins. In the next few decades, dozens of races flock to the UA for a sense of stability.

158 AE (2348): A Terran linguistics research group studying the commonality between alien languages creates a new language which is adopted as “Alliance Common”. It goes into education curriculums across UA space.

171 AE (2360): After a withering conflict with the Borria, the Vakoya join the Free Trade Consortium. While feted by many sides, the Ovmörtacians remain ‘neutral’, enjoying the chaos and notoriety that comes from all the attention.

260 AE (2450): Maxtercorp ushers in the Gravity Revolution. Translight propulsion, artificial gravity and retrograv lifters become commonplace. Humans make extended trips deeper out into the galaxy for the first time. It adopts the slogan: “Maxtercorp, making The Galaxy a smaller place.”

261 AE (22 April 2451): The translight vessel Maxter One reaches the Planet Keta in the rogue Dendrix system, between the Orion and Sagittarius Galactic Arms (nearly 575 light-years distant) after 295 days of travel. With permission of the local DJringlin clan government, Maxtercorp found colonies here.

262 AE (1 June 2452): Aquillan spies manage to steal the secrets of Gravity Manipulation for Ozzero, and soon a tech war ensues. The Phantiaden of Alpha Centauri reveal themselves to the UA, and sign on in an advisory capacity. A cold war begins between the UA and AI.

263 AE (sometime in 2453): Don Fiorello Innocenzi forms Il Grande Sindacato and heads for the stars. Much of organized crime disappears from Earth.

266 AE (March – August 2456): Alliance and Imperium vessels race towards the uncharted Sagittarius Arm of the Galaxy, and simultaneously meet The Free Trade Consortium, an ancient civilization based on preserving commerce. Both the UA and Aquillans are overwhelmed by the technology of the Consortium.

269 AE (1 January 2459): The Universal Credit () monetary system, long used in the Sagittarius Arm by the Consortium, is accepted and put into wide use in the Orion Arm. The WroGrath owned and operated Galactic Bank is seen as the most secure institution in existence.

270 AE (15 November 2460): The R’Jiri, their home world reduced to mostly uninhabitable desert, and their people facing extinction in the wake of the Ovmörtacian Breach, join the UA in order to survive.

285 AE (August 2475): New terraforming efforts begin on Mars and Venus.

309 AE (31 December 2499): A Human exploratory force makes excursions into the far flung Perseus Galactic Arm for the first time. They encounter the highly advanced, but territorial and xenophobic Dinn Hegemony. The expedition is forcefully repelled after a brief communication. Later it is discovered that the Dinn were the same ones that had destroyed a Terran expedition in 48 BE. The UA council decrees the region “off-limits.”

312 AE (4 March 2502): The UA welcomes the Mäyvek of the moon Lauron, and the Hybyari of the moon Rhuunal as members. (Both circle the gas giant Pembu’Ala in the Dendrix system.)

315 AE (2505): The UA completes Starbase 25 in Pembu’Ala orbit and commissions it as UA Dendrix Command. The DJringlin of Keta (further out from Pembu’Ala) decide to allow the starbase, as it will increase trade traffic to the Dendrix system.

355 AE (5 April 2545): At the UA Bicentennial, Ozzero reiterates his anti-UA stance, and signs a mutually beneficial pact with D’Krieg R’Nae, the inscrutable master of Planet Keta. Over the next 50 years, the Aquillan Corps of Engineers terraforms the larger of Keta’s two moons to be used as farmland. The Kafori begin deepening relations with the Vargans and try to convince the ancient people to join the Alliance proper.

365 AE (2555): Terraforming successful on Mars and Venus.

378 AE (25 April 2568): The ruling family Vakeros of the Dorogo make an alliance with the AI. In exchange for the rich natural resources of Belador, the Aquillans promise to help wage war on the troublesome Bampu. Over the next 60 years, many Dorogo families disagree with the Vakeros, and internal conflict arises. The Bampu are wiped out by the millions, and face extinction.

390 AE (6 June 2580): Dr. Desmond Orpheus, an Aquillan geneticist, creates the first Orebinites from Human genetic stock. The Orebinites are sent to Belador to help control dissident Dorogo.

400 – 407 (2590 – 2597): The First Seciton Conflict. The Aquillans invade the neutral Planet Seciton in the Aldebaran system using Orebinites and drive off a UA defense force.

428 AE (5 September 2618): Dorogo monarch TovRex Vakeros is slain in one-on-one combat against his chief rival, Makhoven Klevinus. Makhoven rises to the monarchy and openly asks for UA assistance. The UA quietly debuts the “Orion Force” black ops group, which is instrumental in liberating the Dorogo from the Aquillans. The Dorogo Feudality joins the UA. Open war is soon declared between the UA and AI.

432 AE (10 February 2622): After suffering massive losses, Lord Ozzero calls for a cease fire. It is his first defeat, and his Imperium retreats to lick its wounds… and the cold war continues.

432 – 434 AE (2622 – 2624): The Second Seciton Conflict. The UA fails to remove the Orebinite presence.

437 AE (6 November 2627): The Blas’Kisk Swarm, population 460 billion, joins the UA.

437 – 445 AE (2627 – 2635): The Third Seciton Conflict. The Blas’Kisk blockade Seciton to keep Aquillan support from the Orebinites. The blockade is still in place to this day.

444 AE (2634): Just as the ancient, peaceful and magnanimous Vargan people prepare to officially join the UA, the Aquillans with the aid of the Artek, wipe out all life on the surface of Planet Varga. The bloody Artek – Kafori War begins, but last barely a month.

445 AE (2635): The Artek Republic officially allies with the AI.

448 AE (25 January 2638): In a one day campaign, the Aquillans debut a new, nigh-undetectable starship cloaking technology, and lay siege to Mars. The Aquillans are driven off, but Mars is left devastated. Over 3 million Humans on Mars die.

450 AE (July 2640): Bampu, back from the brink of extinction, unite for the first time under one government. The united Bampu Kingdoms joins the UA officially.

454 AE (2644): Modern Times! The UA Tricentennial is approaching. Tensions are strong between the Imperium and Alliance. The Free Trade Consortium seems to be sitting back and watching, all the time profiting from both sides in the conflict. Neutral races thrive across the galaxy, with one or the other faction vying for these potential allegiances. Planet Keta seems to be a hot spot lately…

               with the Aquillan presence there growing…