Human(HYOO man) Alliance: UA

"To the stars by hard ways."
(If you don't know what a Human is, then OFRPG is getting much more distribution than expected!)

Male: 6 feet, 180 lbs
Female: 5 feet, 8 inches 130 lbs

Population %; 45% Male, 55% female
Universal population; estimated 7 billion

Typical names; Important! Due to extensive interaction with extraterrestrials, the more 'traditional' names are the norm. More 'exotic' names are considered 'odd'.

Typical Build; Average
Typical Alignment; Neutral, Moral, any

Humans are generally inquisitive, curious, helpful, and law-abiding. A thirst for exploration, self-improvement and advancement is strong. Also, there is evidence of much greed, jealousy of other races, and other negative attitudes. By 780AE, (780 years after the event of the Ovmörtacian Surge) Humans are a well established presense in the known Universe. 'Starbase One', the Universal Alliance (UA) Council Headquarters lies in a synchronous orbit between Earth and it's moon. The Aquillan Imperium, the UFA's biggest adversary, traces its roots back to Earth and Humans. This is a good example of the paridoxical duality of the Human species; on one hand, capable of great acts of self sacrifice and compassion...on the other, heinous acts of cruelty and all depends on the individual. Few races seem as adaptable, versitile, and varied as the Human. Many other species have a hard time understanding Human way of thought and ideals. Many have called the Human race The Great Creators and Destroyers due to their duality and the addictive way of Human influence that can usurp native ideal and style. Humans posess a strong sense of ethnic pride dispite centuries of the intermixing of the peoples. Heritage is as important as ever in modern times, but racism based on ethnic differences is virtually nonexistant. Some predjudice is found, however, focused towards extraterrestrials, the paranormal,and the raging issue over Artificial Intelligence. (A big debate continues over whether or not certain types of AI are considered 'sentience' or not)

Homeworld Data
Earth (IRTH), or Sol III primary. Moderate climate, mostly pleasant. Weather is controlled, but the unpredictable sometimes slips through.
Gravity: 1
24 hour day, 365 day year.

: Myriad.
Flora: Myriad.

Many modern innovations originated from Human ingenuity. The most influential among the tech leaders has been Maxtercorp. They developed QGC (quantum gravitic compression) technology that is used extensively. TLD (translight drive); countergravitic impellers; and even artificial gravity were possible when Maxter figured out how to manipulate and refract gravitons. Human technology seems to be the standard by which others judge their own advancement, whether it be inferior or superior.

Class Capital Battle Carrier
14,850 feet (4526 meters) Over 7 ½ million tons
This is the largest starship class ever built by Humans. The Orion Capital ships are the final word in protecting the interests of Planet Earth.

Biological Data
Pulse: 75p/min
Resp: 12p/min
Temp: 98.6°f(37°c)
Atmosphere Req: 80% N2, 20% O2
Notes: Humans born in the 27th century do not have many of the vestigal, superfluous parts as they did before the 21st century. (tonsils, appendix, uvula, etc) These have been 'phased out' due to centuries of proactive genetic health care.
Reproduction: Sexual, 9 month gestation period. 99% Single birth, 1% other.

Age Range
Middle Age46-70

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