Kafori (ka FOHR ee) Alliance: UA

"Inward serenity heralds outward peace."

Male: 6 ft 1 in, 185 lbs
Female: 5 ft 11 in, 145 lbs

Population %; 50% Male, 50% female
Universal population; estimated over 3 Billion

Typical names; Family names are not seen as important as personal accomplishment. Male: Rhaelon, Tiamand, Liam, Meyach, Uathos. Female: Rhaela, Tiama, Liath, Meya, Uathi.

Typical Build; Tend to be slender
Typical Alignment; Ethical, Moral, Virtued, Lawful. Must take an alignment other than "Neutral". 'Chaotic' or 'Evil' aligned Kafori may be persecuted by other 'Normal' Kafori.

Kafori (kah FOHR ee) are renowned healers, scientists & psionists. Peaceful & balanced, the Kafori are known as one of the most serene of peoples. Being a rather ordered race, the Kafori society is typically very lawful, even considered conservative by other conservative cultures. Despite this reputation, the people are also highly sensual, conducting, long, sense pleasing ceremonies and rituals, involving incense, teas, & aromatic oils. A classic Kafori marriage ceremony can last two full hiseen (55 hour Kafori day), and culminates with the newly wed couple bathing each other to ritually cleanse away the old life for a fresh beginning together. The highest principle of the Kafori is the respect and reverence of the sanctity of all life. The religious order of Kerryn originated from the Kafori people. Kerryn (b 1199AD) was a Kafori noblewoman who wrote the ┘athes lu Ăjaun Kerryn, a guide for moral and ethical behavior as well as a detailed manual for all the hundreds of ceremonies the Kafori still use every day. When the Ovm÷rtacian Surge came, Kerryn vanished without explanation, and is now revered in an almost deific manner by the Kafori.

The Kafori government is headed by an equitable senate of representatives from the various countries and provinces. The Kafori punish those who would upset the serenity and order of the Kafori homeworld, B'Loett, or other Kafori governed worlds. Since killing and harming a living thing is abhorrent to a typical Kafori, this punishment usually takes the form of stripping the offender of their property and freedom, and assigning them to a Kafori run center for intensive psychological correction, where their obviously ailing mind can be coaxed towards more lawful and properly civilized behavior. The offending individual is only released when a deep and extensive telepathic scan of his or her mind shows no sign of the bedlam that ruled them.

In 125BE, the Kafori traveled to Earth & confirmed to Humans that extraterrestrial intelligences actually existed. The Kafori scout ship was destroyed by a secret society that then gathered the wreckage and reverse engineered weapons of war, and a supercomputer that would eventually become the Aquillan robotic despot, Ozzero. In 355AE, the Kafori became one of the founding members of the Universal Alliance. (Initially, the name was Universal Federated Alliance) Soon afterwards, a rivalry began between the Kafori and the Artek. The Artek saw the Kafori as a highly evolved species, and could not understand why they would ally with lesser developed civilizations. A brief war between the two races from 549-550AE ended with the Artek officially allying themselves to the Aquillan Imperium. Kafori feel responsibility and shame over both the creation of Ozzero, and in the Artek allying themselves to him.

Physical variance
Hair color will almost always be a light tone...can be any color imaginable. The most common hair colors are green, lavender, or platinum. Skin color is very pale compared to a Human's. Eyes are pupilless, and have a metallic sheen of silver, gold, green or other rarer tones. Other than on their heads, Kafori do not have any other hair on their bodies.

Phenomenal mental prowess & intelligence. Quick, intuitive reaction. Hieghtened Vision, ranging into the Ultraviolet. & Touch, Smell & Taste are sharper, Hearing is slightly higher range, edging into the ultrasonic. Natural psionic abilities: ESP, Detect Psi, See Aura, Telepathic Contact, Healing & Levitate. Highly resistant to and adept with psionics. Slight Magic resistance. Less resistance to Toxins. Pheromones, highly attractive, Vulnerable to Ultraviolet light. (Easy to get sunburnt)

Peaceful, balanced, serene. Very sharpminded and focused. Hard to distract.

Homeworld Data
Talitha III, known as B'Loett. The Kafori homeworld is absolute paradise. It has one of the most even, pleasant climates among the known Earthlike planets.
Dist; 49 lightyears from Earth.
55 hour day, 924.7 day year.

: Most lifeforms on B'loett are long lived, but do not breed often. Numerous species of herbivouous deer-like creatures inhabit most of the planet. Some predators exist, but none are larger than a small dog. Lavishly decorated birds and insects are common.
Flora: A huge, beautiful variety of plants and trees cover the planet. Luscious edible fruits and tubers are common.

Highly advanced. Kafori starships are known for superior speed, and sensor systems. Considered the leaders in computer and medical technology. Kafori tend not to build overly lethal weapons. Kafori anti-shield disruptors, stunners and pulse weapons are among the most advanced known.

Yavess capital ship

Jahronn-sha fighter

Hirovami class shuttle

Biological Data
Pulse; 50 p/min
Resp; 9 p/min
Temp; 88.3░f(31.3░c)
Atmosphere Req; 80% N2, 20% O2
Notes; Very efficient metabolism, herbivorous. Very sensitive to toxins upsetting their balanced biology. Adult Kafori are lactose intolerant. Kafori are known to be very heavy sleepers. They are geneally diurnal, sleeping very soundly for around 15 hours straight, during their world's 55 hour day.
Reproduction; Sexual, 11 month gestation. Mostly always single birth. Females only come into estrous for several days every 20 to 24 months. Reproduction among the Kafori is much more rare an event than for Humans.

Aging: Kafori have one of the longest life spans for a Humanoid species. They remain youthful for many centuries before succumbing to old age.
Middle Age401-700

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