K'Loffai (KUHL ahf aye) Alliance: UA

"Living larger than life!"

Male: 10’ 2000lb
Female: 9’ 1500lb

Population %; 50% Male, 50% female
Universal population; estimated over 1 billion

Typical names; It is rare to know one’s forbears, so K’loffai names are followed by their occupations. Names are unisex; Torfin, Cythai, Duffa, Kovoh, Huffar, Mivin. Eg: Torfin the Mercenary.

Typical Build; Massive.
Typical Alignment; Conscientious, Moral, Chaotic, or Neutral

K’Loffai (KUHL ahf aye) are very passionate about everything they do. They pour their all into labor and leisure alike with equal enthusiasm. In addition to being huge, powerful warriors, they also enjoy fine food and drink, as well as the fine arts, and the company of the opposite sex. Despite their great hulking façade, K’Loffai are artists and poets at the soul. As awesome it is to see a one ton K’Loffai in battle, it is equally awesome and stirring to experience a K’Loffai opera. With their uncommonly loud voices, it is hard to ignore a K’Loffai. Notoriously stubborn, once a K’Loffai gets an idea in their head to do something, they are hard to dissuade. Due to the harshness of their homeworld, and the presence of large predators and gruff armored herbivores, all K’Loffai must learn to fight from a young age.

Throughout history, K’Loffai had very little mythology, but found the notion of a supreme being a highly probable concept. They never developed religions, but held a very agnostic view of the possibility of the existence of a god or gods. In 70AE, When the K’Loffai first encountered a race other than their own it was the Humans. After peaceful relations, and exchange of culture, the K’Loffai were even more confused about deific notions. The K’Loffai now seek guidance from the religions of all species, seeking ultimate truth. Today, you can find K’Loffai serving as everything from Catholic priests, to Bykhoru monks, and anything in between.

In 587AE, a conflict began against the Borria. It seemed at first to be more political in nature, with the K’Loffai claiming seven Borria held mining colony worlds as K’loffai ‘holy lands’. The Borrian Genocide Protocols were enacted due to the assumption that any species that would risk all out war over solely religious reasons is unfit to survive. It was soon after this that the K’Loffai allied with the UA in order to fend off the Aquillan allied Borria.

Physical variance
Bony, armored ridges and thick, dark hair. Skin color is darker than Human. In the eyes, the pupil is black, but the 'white' part (sclera) is colored blue, brown, green, gray, yellow, violet, orange, or red.

Amphibious. Partial carapce; +4 armor. Unattractive. Very intimidating. Natural fighter, and natural artist, good sense of harmony & resonance. Heightened sense of smell. Hearing is into the infrasonic range. Reduced normal hearing. Reduced sense of touch. Deafening sonic yell attack. K'Loffai cannot whisper. Vacuum survival as long as breath is held. Resistant to heat and toxins, weak Vs cold.

A true lust for the finer things in life. Loud and proud.

Homeworld Data
Parent star: Alioth (Epsilon Ursa Majoris) a small but bright white star. Alioth V is known as Katak. Very hot, humid and wet environment. Rains almost constantly across the globe. Entire planet seems to be one massive, sandy salt marsh.
Dist: 81 light years.
Gravity: 1.29
Timetables: 408 hour day (17 days), 439 day year.


K'Loffai Neffod Class Capital Dreadnaught, over 20 million tons.

Highly advanced. Some of the largest starships are built by the K’Loffai.

Age Range
Middle Age301-350

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