Modrabi (mo DRAH bee) Alliance: Consortium

"Everything is negotiable..."

Male: 3 ft 3 in, 70 lb
Female: 3 ft 3 in, 65 lb

Population %; 50% Male, 50% female
Universal population; estimated 13 billion

Typical names; (Names are unisex) Horukavoch, Dehvinjae, Navess, Nedanjavii, Jeviramusin.

Typical Build; Tend to be small.
Typical Alignment; Amoral, Neutral, Chaotic, Deviate

Modrabi are steryotypically known as one of the most avaricious of races. Wealth and personal advantage seem to be primary driving factors of most Modrabi. Corporations worth billions or in some cases trillions are controlled from the Modrabi homeworld. The government of the Modrabi is purely capitalistic, with the most powerful companies dictating to those less powerful.

Modrabi have been spacefaring since the late 18th century AD. One of the notable species the Modrabi met were the warrior women of the Hytroch, in the early 1890's. The Modrabi were actually the Hytroch's first contact with an alien species after the Hytroch first developed faster-than-light travel. The Modrabi reportedly told the Hytroch that they controlled much of space, and the Hytroch would have to pay tarriffs and give 'tribute' to the Modrabi. The Modrabi alegedly also promised an exchange of technology, which was reneged on after the Modrabi were given the secrets of the pinnacle of Hytroch development; cloaking systems that render starships invisible to both the naked eye and to sensors. A hundred years of war (1894-1990) ensued soon after, bringing much destruction to both societies. Even though official hostilities ended hundreds of years ago, many skirmishes & conflicts have occured between the Hytroch & Modrabi since. Modrabi corporations allied with the Free Trade Consortium in 75AE due to likeness in ideal, and to gain allies against the Hytroch.

Modrabi are generally indifferent to artistic or spiritual concepts... unless there's money to be made. Hytroch say 'Modrabi worship at the temple of wealth.'

Physical variance
Natural fur color is ivory, but is highly various due to chameleon ability. Eye color can be any prime color or secondary color, and does not change with chameleon ability.

Ambidextrous, good coordination. Fast Healer. Highly agile & quick with fast reflexes. Phenomenal Vision & Hearing, Heightened Smell, Ultrasonic Hearing Natural resistance to psionics, Camoflage Fur patterns, Claw & Bite attacks

Hyperactive, may at times talk too fast. Constantly seeking 'the bargain'. Tend to be greedy, focusing on material wealth. Tend to be a bit insane by other races' standards. Paranoid, obsessive & superstitious. Modrabi seem to have a primal regard for magic and the supernatural. Whether this regard is intense fascination, or abject terror depends on the individual.

Homeworld Data
Arcturus IV, known as Eltanis (EHL tah niss) Entire planet is tropical. No Modrabi even conceived of ice and snow until they observed it on other worlds in their own solar system.
Dist; 36 LY from Earth
Gravity: 0.889
42 hour day, 401.9 day year.


Modrabi Light Fighter, 3.5 tons

Modrabi Kharlek Class Heavy Destroyer 18,900t
Highly advanced. Adapt to new technologies quickly.

Biological Data
Pulse; 115 p/min
Resp; 20 p/min
Temp; 100f(37.8c)
Atmosphere Req;
Notes; Generally omnivorous, with strong insectivorous tastes. Niether nocturnal nor diurnal, operate equally well in the day, or at night. Very light sleepers. Sleep 1-2 hours at a time, several times per 42 hour day, with no set schedule.
Reproduction; Sexual, 4 month gestation. 50% single birth, 40% fraternal twins, 10% other.

Age Range
Middle Age31-65

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