No'Ak (NOH ahk) Alliance: Aquillan

"Honor is an antiquated, archaic notion. Only through clever guile and sharp cunning can one find victory."

Typical No'Ak, 6'0" 175lb

Age Range

Universal population; estimated 2 billion

Typical names; Zarkiel, Relimaz, Jerenil, Lemilan

Typical Build; Tend to be thin and gaunt
Starting Money; Medium-high
Typical Alignment; Amoral, Depraved, Neutral, Fiendish

Physical variance
The natural state of a No'Ak is of gaunt, sharply defined musculature. Eyes are black, skin is normally a light ruddy color, with white highlights.

Shapeshifting: Can assume the shape of any humanoid form within 50% of its own size. Cannot form realistic looking clothing. Can also change into more amorphous, tentacled forms. Masters of escape and able to move through very small spaces.

Highly resilient physiology. Reduced breath-holding, but can breath many toxic atmospheres and gasses. Can adapt to breath underwater for long periods of time. Resistant to psionics. Very hard for the race to learn to use psionics, except may easily learn any non-psychokinetic ability of a defensive nature. Very intelligent. Generally about twice as strong as a Human. Highly agile & coordinated. Tend to be unlucky. Reduced senses of taste, smell & hearing. Very keen senses of touch & vision. Infrasonic hearing. Resistant to toxins & heat. Weak Vs cold.

Conniving and sneaky. Tend to think of what might be to the most personal advantage in any situation. May be paranoid. Tend not to trust others, especially other No'Ak.

Homeworld Data
Aichos, known as Lukham Secondary, moon of Fynohk, an immense gas giant. The moon is very hot, with forests & jungles at the poles, and prairies & deserts near the equator. Oceans cover only about 15% of the planet's surface.
Dist; Crux Arm of the Galaxy, 41,000 LY
Gravity: .988
52 hour day, 901 day year.


No'Ak stealth infiltrator. 1275 tons. Cloakable.

Biological Data
Pulse; 205 p/min
Resp; 25 p/min
Temp; 115.6f(46.4c)
Atmosphere Req; 75% Ar, 15% O2, 8% N2, 2% other
Notes; Highly omnivorous. Can and will eat nearly any plant or animal matter, no matter how decayed. High, fast metabolism.
Reproduction; No'Ak reproduce through spontaneous budding. The young develops by growing off of the parent over a period of 3 to 5 months. There is no set schedule of when an individual No'Ak will reproduce. Some No'Ak never produce an offspring in their entire life, while some may produce dozens during their life. Around the age of 130 and 170, No'Ak enter a kind of 'menapause', where they no longer produce offspring. After this, their shapeshifting also slows down, and becomes less reliable.