Orebinite (ohr EE bihn ite) Alliance: Aquillan

"We fight and die for the pure order that Lord Ozzero will bring to this fractured Galaxy."

Male: 5 feet 6 in, 300 lbs
Female: 5 feet 3 in, 250 lbs

Population %; 60% Male, 40% female
Universal population; Nearly 500 million

Typical names; Same as Human names, but tend to be more 'exotic'.

Typical Build; Big
Typical Alignment; Lawful, Deviate, Neutral

In 690AE, the Aquillan geneticist, Dr Desmond Orpheus, created the first Orebinites based on Artek genetic theories. Orebinites are Humans modified in utero using Dr Orpheus's process. A common statement made among Orebinites is, "We are what Dr Orpheus made us." You are an Orebinite only if you were gestated using the process, or if both parents were Orebinite. Orebinites were created to be soldiers on heavy gravity worlds without having to rely on mechanical assistance to be able to move effectively. The people were used extensively in the Aquillan's Secitonian campaigns. Orebinites are phenomenal soldiers, but have problems when they are not fighting in war.

Since their creation, Orebinites have been greatly maligned by Humans. Many Orebinites that make attempts at a 'normal' life fail. Their innate programming & conditioning make it difficult to deal with normalcy. They have been known to greatly overreact to minor situations, making minor conflicts deadly. A small altercation with an Orebinite can lead to bodily injury or death, because that's what the Orebinite was made for. Orebinites have been known to be mentally unstable. Because of the week long day on Seciton, many Orebinites have developed sleep disorders. More than half of Orebinites that try to have a normal life end up either imprisoned, dead, or going back to the Aquillans.

Orebinites are reknowned mercenaries & obedient, often fanatical soldiers. Many Orebinites hold a religious reverance to the Aquillan Imperium.

OREBINite acronym

ORpheus VIII series
The "-ite" was added later.

Physical variance
As varied as Humans. Orebinites compulsively shave their heads.

Strong willed, ambidextrous. Reduced Touch & Taste. Nightvision, Ultrasonic & Infrasonic Hearing. Infrasonic Speech. Resistant to Toxins & Psionics. Highly resilient & strong. An average Orebinite can press 450 pounds. The strongest Orebinites can press 3000 pounds. High Pain Threshold. Stable Body Temperature (Not as affected by temperature extremes) Extended Breathholding & Vacuum Survival (As long as breath is held) Can function in relatively low oxygen environments.

Generally quiet & introverted. Very fanatical about what they believe in. May have sociopathic or self destructive tendencies.

Homeworld Data
No homeworld, but many call Aldebaran IV (Alpha Tauri VI, or Seciton) home. Very hot and humid. A heavy G swampy environment. Even landscape with fairly stable geology.
Dist; 68 Lightyears from Earth
Gravity: 2.398
167.7 hour (almost 7 days) 'day', 6608 day (18years) year.

: All forms of life on Seciton have to cope with the heavy gravity & thick, hot atmosphere. There are two native sentient species on Seciton; both squat & strong. One is the amphibious Nakor, the other is the arthropoid Saphyr.
Flora: Seciton is a rich swamp environment over most of the planet's surface. Short but wide trees are common.

Use what the Zeons give them.

Biological Data
Pulse; 70 p/min
Resp; 10 p/min
Temp; 98.6f(37c)
Atmosphere Req; 80% N2, 20% O2
Notes; Modified Human structure. Can operate effectively in up to 3X Earth gravity.
Reproduction; Sexual, usually always single birth.

Age Range
Middle Age61-80

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