Ovmörtacian (ahv moor TAY shun) Alliance: Neutral

"Our purpose is to bring comfort to the afflicted, and to afflict the comfortable."

Male: 5½ feet, 136 pounds
Female: 5 feet, 90 pounds

Population %; 35% Male, 65% female
Universal population; Unknown

Typical names; Family names: Gyrax, Dillox, Tashon, Xanex, Lynax. Female names: Thaesha, Mooshi, Hyless, Zuli. Male names: Thakon, Mosham, Hylim, Zulik

Typical Build; Very small & sleight; Slender, or Thin are likely.
Typical Alignment; Chaotic, Neutral, Conscientious, Depraved

Not much is known about this enigmatic, extradimensional people. Ovmörtacians are the absolute masters of their home dimension, which they have named Ov'Mörta-ThahVuuShim, or "All for the Queen". Humans call the place Ovmörtacia. There are three other sentient races that call the planet Ovmörtacia home, and these are mostly subjugated to the every whim of their Ovmörtacian masters.

Physical variance
Slightly built humanoids, with fine features. Skin is dark gray to jet black. Hair is very fine, colored silky white to gold or copper, but often magickally altered. Eyes are deep piercing pools of black.

Slightly heightened Hearing & Touch, Ultraviolet Vision. Powerful mental acumen. Very intelligent, and an uncanny level of understanding. Physically weak, but very quick & coordinated in movements. Lucky. Strong willed, Resolute, Highly attuned and therefore resistant to Magick, low tolerance for Alcohol, ambidexterity, Fast Reflexes, Attractive and personable.

Proud, intellectual, analytical, superior, but also warm & friendly. Very inquisitive, with a genuine thirst for knowledge. Voice is smooth, with a sensual overtone. Articulate and well annunciated.

Homeworld Data

Dist; (Other dimension)


Ovmörtacians come from a society as highly developed as Earth in modern times, but all of the advances have come not from technology, but through magick. All of the advanced items and equipment used by the race are actually intricately woven magickal items. Ovmörtacians create exceptionally well crafted weapons, armor & devices for use by the vast powerful armies of their ½ Ovmörtacian demigod empress, Thamorta Kahr Ehraa. She rules the entire Ovmörtacian dimension as the daughter of the god who is Chaos, Törvak.

Biological Data
Pulse; p/min
Resp; p/min
Temp; °f(°c)
Atmosphere Req;
Reproduction; Sexual,

Age Range
Middle Age301-400

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