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AHR tek (Aquillan)
Civilized reptilian humanoids. High tech, very intelligent, proud, and arrogant. Male: 6'0", 160lb / Female: 6'0", 160lb

uh WAH gehn (Aquillan)
Short, tough beings. Society is very cut-throat. Male: 4'0", 100lb / Female: 3'9", 80lb

bah KAHNZ (Neutral)
Large, aggressive, silicon based living batteries. Prefer extremely frigid temperatures. Physically powerful, technologically advanced. Bacchans are asexual, being neither male nor female. 7'6", 580lb

vuh KOY uh (Consortium)
Large, fur covered and muscular. Generally bawdy and ribald. Male: 7’0", 380lb / Female: 6’6", 300lb

BAM poo (UA)
Small fast and furry. Winged mammals with a roguish reputation. Male: 3'3", 80lb / Female: 3'0", 65lb

BAT sehr aye (Aquillan)
Backstabbing, evil little rodents. Male: 5', 90lb / Female: 4'6", 80lb

bee AHT sta (UA)
Physically powerful, big, rough and hairy, but noble knight-like warriors. Berserkers who constantly repress their animal nature. Male: 7'6", 500lb / Female: 7'0", 410lb

bla HYE (Consortium)
Large, boisterous humanoids. Highly organized merchants and often pirates. Male: 6'6", 285lb / Female: 6'3", 235lb

BLAZ kizk (UA)
8 limbed, winged insectoids with a strong work ethic and hive mentality. Worker: 5’6” 230lb / Soldier: 7’ 490lb / Male: 6’5” 375lb / Female: 7’2” 460lb


BOHR ee uh (Aquillan)
Tall, strong humanoids. Very draconically lawful and conservative minded. Male: 7'3" 300lb / Female: 7'3" 260lb

DIHN (Neutral)
Lawful, intelligent, and logical. Emotionless cyclopean predators. Very territorial. Male 5'11", 210lb / Female 5'7", 160lb

DJRING lihn (Neutral)
Tough, hardy humanoid warriors. Male: 7'0", 325lb / Female: 6'6", 275lb

DOHR oh go (UA)
Huge, powerful saurian beings. Highly honorable and noble with warrior ideals. Male: 8'6", 850lb / Female: 8'0", 700lb

GRO tikz (Neutral)
Simple, spiritual cave and forest dwelling aborigines of Keta. Large, furry gliders. Male: 6'9", 295lb / Female: 6'4", 235lb

kho leh VAHR ee (Consortium)
Hedonistic metamorphs. Male: 6'0", 195lb / Female: 5'9", 140lb

HYOO min (UA)
If you don't know what a Human is, then this is getting much more distribution than I expected!! Male: 6'0", 180lb / Female: 5'8", 130lb

HYE trohk (Neutral)
Very lawful society of amazon warrior women. Male: 5'7", 160lb / Female: 6'6", 225lb

kah FOHR ee (UA)
Beautiful, highly psionic humanoids. Reknowned healers. High technology. Male: 6'1", 185lb / Female: 5'11", 145lb

KUHL uhf aye (UA)
Massive and physically powerful molluskoids that start life as microscopic plankton. Rather hedonistic & artistic. LOUD voices. Male: 10’ 2000lb / Female: 9’ 1500lb

LAY chow (Consortium)
Large & muscular, with phenomenal endurance. The backbone of labor for the WroGrath and much of the Consortium. Proud to show their work prowess. Male: 8'0", 450lb / Female: 7'6", 305lb

LOHR ohk (Consortium)
Short, wild eyed & psionic. Highly chaotic, thrive on conflict and intense emotion. Male: 5'0", 95lb / Female: 4'6", 80lb

lye AYN yuh (Neutral)
Various Terran fauna, anthropomorphized by an unknown ancient intelligence. Highly civilized & cultured. Possess high technologies. Feline Male: 5'6", 125lb / Feline Female: 5'3", 95lb

man TAY din (Neutral)
Rough, squat bipeds. Fighters and survivors. Male: 5'0", 210lb / Female: 5'0", 190lb

MYE vehk (UA)
Squat, furry, fast, and savage. Very competetive. Cannot speak languages other than Mäyvek native. Male 5'3" 200lb / Female 5'3" 185lb

mo DRAH bee (Consortium)
Short & furry, steryotypically known as one of the most avaricious of races. Male: 3'3", 70lb / Female: 3'3", 65lb

mong hahr OO (Aquillan)
Centaur-like reptiles. Enjoy conflict. Male: 7'0", 620lb / Female: 6'10", 580lb

ohr EE bihn ite (Aquillan)
Humans, genetically altered to be able to operate effectively in a heavy gravity environment. Orebinites are used as the grunt soldiers of the Imperium. Male: 5'6", 300lb / Female: 5'3", 250lb

SAH thoi (Neutral)
Big, strong, tough, and dumb as a box of rocks. Reptilian slaves to the Hytroch. Sathoy have no secondary sexual characteristics, 7'3", 990lb

SPEE aht (Aquillan)
Four armed serpents with a venomous bite. Often distrustful or downright paranoid, especially of psionics. Male: 4'0" tall, 12'0" length, 260lb / Female: 4'6" tall, 15'0" length, 300lb

TEE foo (Consortium)
Small, eager servants of the WroGrath. Male 3'0", 55lb / Female 2'9" 40lb

oo KAHR ihk (Aquillan)
Four armed bipedal insectoids. Strong, and hard to hurt. Like Terran wasps, all U'Kharik are female, 5'0", 300 lb

ZEH tim (Consortium)
Large, long-lived peaceful furry race. Matriarchal, and variably psionic or magickally adept. Male: 7'9", 300lb / Female: 7'0", 225lb

Character ages other than "adult"

Any character with an age category other than "adult" is subject to Narrator's approval. A child or adolescent character will generally be at a disadvantage to the adult characters and NPC's they encounter. While more nimble and spirited than adults, they lack in physical and mental development and training.

Middle aged and older characters will generally have more skill and maturity than adult aged characters, though the effects of aging will take its toll.

The following is the adjustments and modifications you need to make for a character that is other than "adult" age category. Character's racial maximums and minimums are also affected by these changes. (Special: The Dorogo and Sathoy races do not follow these adjustments for ages other than "adult". Ask Narrator for information.)


  • Attributes: 1st priority; 2 pts, 2nd priority; 1 pt, 3rd priority; Ø pts. +1 Mind, -2 Int, -4 Wis, -2 Obs & Bod, -3 Str, -2 Coord, +2 Agil, -3 Pres, +2 Spirit, +1 Intu. +2 Attractiveness, -20% speed.
  • Disadvantageous quirk limit: ½ (Round up)
  • Skills: ¼ (Round up) Freebie skills all drop two levels.
  • Money: ¼


  • Attributes: 1st priority; 3 pts, 2nd priority; 2 pts, 3rd priority; 1 pt. -1 Int, Wis, Obs, Bod, Str, Coord, +1 Agil, -1 Pres, +1 Spirit. +1 Attractiveness.
  • Disadvantageous quirk limit: ¾ (Round up)
  • Skills: ½ (Round up) Freebie skills all drop one level.
  • Money: ½

    Middle age

  • Attributes: 1st priority; 8 pts, 2nd priority; 5 pts, 3rd priority; 2 pts. +1 Wis & Coord, -1 Agil, -1 Attractiveness, -10% speed
  • Disadvantageous quirk limit: 1½ (Round up)
  • Skills: 1¼ (Round up) Freebie skills all raise one level.
  • Money: x2


  • Attributes: 1st priority; 10 pts, 2nd priority; 7 pts, 3rd priority; 3 pts. +1 Mind & Int, +2 Wis, +1 Obs, -1 Bod & Str, -2 Agil, -1 Spirit, -2 Attractiveness, -20% speed.
  • Disadvantageous quirk limit: x2
  • Skills: x2. Freebie skills all raise two levels.
  • Money: x3


  • Attributes: 1st priority; 12 pts, 2nd priority; 9 pts, 3rd priority; 4 pts. +2 Mind, Int +3 Wis, +2 Obs, -2 Body & Str, -1 Coord, -3 Agil, -2 Spirit, -1 Intu, -3 Attractiveness, -30% speed.
  • Disadvantageous quirk limit: No limit
  • Skills: x3
  • Money: x5


    Cross-species impregnation often results in more trouble than a normal pregnancy. The majority of the offspring resulting from the union of mixed species are auto-aborted by the mother, or are stillborn. Prenatal genetic manipulation has a good chance of saving the offspring, however. But, unassisted, the chances are very small for mixed offspring to survive to full term. Even with prenatal assistance, these offspring are often sexually sterile/impotent, and/or suffer from health and mental problems.

    Any character made as a hybrid is subject to Narrator approval. If the moderators decide a character is being made solely for the purpose of taking advantage of stats and skills of two or more combined species, it will be rejected. A character made as a hybrid will have the average of all stats and abilities. Regarding the numbers listed as in stats, you must round towards "Ø" in the case of a decimal... ie: a +2.5 becomes a +2, while a -2.5 would become a -2 etc. For the freebie skills, the character must choose which parent was more influential, and take only the free skills from that parent's race. Of course there's nothing wrong with saying that both parents were equally influential in the character's upbringing, but then you still only pick the freebies from one, and still have to buy the skills from the other if you want them.

    Following are groups of races that are capable of interbreeding:

  • Blakai, Borria, DJringlin, HhoLevari*, Human, Hytroc, Kafori, Lhoroch, & Orebinite
  • Vakoya, Bampu, Batserai, Mantaidan, Modrabi, Teffoo & Zhettim
  • Be'Atsta, Grotix & Mäyvek. Mantaidan & Zhettim can interbreed with any in this group in approximately 1 in 100,000 couplings.
  • Lyanya can interbreed with either of the first two groups.
  • Dorogo and Sathoy can interbreed in approximately 1 in 1 million couplings. (This in itself would be a rare event due to the differing nature between Dorogo & Sathoy.)
    *HhoLevari can interbreed with Bampu, Vakhoya & Zhettim in addition.

    Click here for the full race list

    By creating a character for the Orion Force Role Playing Game© (OFRPG©), you hereby agree that said character is now a part of the OFRPG Universe©, and you may not lay claim to legal control to the character as part of this universe once you decide to end your membership in active OFRPG© Roleplay. For continuity’s sake, and fairness to other players, the Game Narrator will maintain the right to control this character or characters as is seen necessary due to player absence.

    Due to the nature of Yahoo Clubs, any approved posts you compose become public property.

    You cannot copyright a character name: For more information, click here: