Ryucca (ree YOO kah) Alliance: Consortium

"Monopoly is an unfair term, ambassador. This is simple capitalism."

Male: 5 ft 3 in, 120 lbs
Female: 5 ft, 90 lbs

Population %; 70% Male, 30% female
Universal population; estimated 1 billion

Typical names: Family names; Dalo, Lyth, Teloxi, Pulik. Male names; Koronius, Makoon, Gessog, Sheevam. Female names; Koroni, Makoo, Gessa, She'a

Typical Build: Light
Typical Alignment; Deviate, Lawful, Neutral, Depraved

Some say that the Ryucca are as cold and harsh as their homeworld... and this is one of the more favorable assessments. The Ryucca are master bureaucrats & negotiators. They do not like to lose. Ryucca are proud of their superior mental faculties, and seem to remind other races of their brainpower quite often. Mostly, Ryucca seem to enjoy only the company of other Ryucca. They have been known, however to employ the physicality of stronger races for manual labor. The slave trade is big business to the Ryucca. Ryucca are known as the slavers of the Free Trade Consortium. Anything physical, the Ryucca consider menial.

Phenominal scientists, mathemeticians & businessmen.

Physical variance
Rarely walk on own legs. Constantly float centimeters off the ground. Eyes are dark colored red, blue or black. Skin is gray to gray-green, with a lighter colored throat & chest.

Phenomenal Intelligence. Very fit mentally. Tend to be frail. Ambidexterous, Good Direction Sense. Less Suceptable to Cold, More Suceptable to Heat. Internal Clock, No Tolerance for Alcohol. No sense of Smell or Taste, Heightened Vision and very good infrared vision, See very well at night. Reduced Hearing -2 Resistant to Psionics. Psionics are naturally easy for Ryucca. Telepathy; Contact & Mind Read. Psychokinesis; Levitation.

Tend to be obsessive & paranoid. Superiority Complex, Perfectionist. Tend to be condescending of less intelligent species. Very analytical and devious. Show emotion when things don't go as planned.

Homeworld Data
Ryuccalis(ree yoo KAHL is) or Tasani Secondary. A dark, cold place with long winters and short summers. In summer, if the temperature climbs above 50 F (10 C) Ryucca begin to complain of excessive heat.
Dist; Norma Arm of the Galaxy, 59,500 LY from Earth
Gravity: 0.778
hour day, day year.

: Furred omnivores abound of many different sizes. No birds reptiles or amphibians exist. Fish species are abundant.
Flora: Many evergreen type trees exist, as well as organic crystalline plant forms.

Thought of as one of the most advanced of races. According to their own accounts, the Ryucca have been spacefaring since before 600BC. Indeed, when the Artek made their first trips to their planet's moon in 1050AD, they found technological artifacts that were centuries old. These artifacts were later found to be Ryucca in origin.

Biological Data
Pulse; 30 p/min
Resp; 5 p/min
Temp; 72f (22.2c)
Atmosphere Req; 75% Argon, 25% Oxygen.
Notes; Slow but efficient metabolism. Slow cellular aging.
Reproduction; Sexual, but physical contact between Ryucca is rare. Most prefer scientific methods of reproduction. Gestation is 15 months, and rarely are there multiple births.

Age Range
Middle Age201-350

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