Sathoy(SAH thoi) Alliance: Neutral

"Grrrawr!! Crush! Kill!"

Male: 7 ft 3 in, 990 lbs
Female: 7 ft 3 in, 990 lbs
(No secondary sexual characteristics.)

Population %; 50% Male, 50% female
Universal population; estimated 900 million to 1.5 billion

Typical names; If a Sathoy has a name, it's generally unisex. Grah, Ort, Torr, Ahr.

Typical Build; Big & muscled
Typical Alignment; Lawful, neutral.

Sathoy are considered very rough and unrefined by conventional standards. They are a very primitive, simple people, seeking survival in a technological universe that they often have a hard time understanding. Primal, basic needs drive most Sathoy. They have a hard time adjusting in ‘civilized’ society. Young Sathoy are more primal than even their parents. The young hunt raptor-like in packs until they are about a century in age. Untamed young Sathoy even cannibalize the older Sathoy when they can. (It's no wonder that the adults prefer climbing the trees!) Sathoy are in tune with nature around them.

For seven hundred years, the Sathoy have been slaves to the Hytroch. Aeron is home to the Hytroch, and is also the moon of Planet KaghNoor, which is home to the Sathoy. When the Hytroch first landed on KaghNoor in 1899 AD, the Sathoy regarded the Hytroch as deities. The Hytroch capitalized on the situation, forcing the Sathoy into slavery. Hytroch utilized the powerful Sathoy as laborers and miners to further develop Aeron. KaghNoor itself has been extensively mined by Sathoy slave labor. More influential Hytroch even employ Sathoy bodyguards. In the early 1900’s, thousands of ‘The Old Ones’ (Sathoy over 400 years in age) rallied the younger Sathoy in an uprising up against their Hytroch masters. It was a short, blood-spattered conflict, ending with hundreds of dead Hytroch, and thousands of dead Sathoy. The Hytroch put to death every one of ‘The Old Ones’ they could find. To this day, Hytroch kill any Sathoy showing signs of higher thought. Over the centuries, most Sathoy have come to understand the truth about the Hytroch, but still, many consider the Hytroch as deities.

Physical variance
Sathoy base coloration is a dark gray-green. Eyes are a dull light green, red, or gray.

Phenomenal Strength & toughness. Naturally armored. An average Sathoy can press 900 pounds. The strongest of the Sathoy can press over four tons. Not very intelligent. Dulled sense of Touch. Hearing is in a lower frequency. Phenomenal Smell, Heightened Vision. Vibration Sense (extremities), Speed Spurt, Reduced "Fine" Coordination. Camoflage Skin that gets better with age. Damage Resistance vs Heat & Acid. Regeneration, Can freeze in place like a statue for long periods of time. Ectothermic (Cold Blooded) Sathoy do not react well to cold. Powerful Bite & Claw attacks. Dazing Tail Club attack.

Gruff & surly. Primative needs drive a Sathoy. Very loyal to an ally of one considered a superior. Sathoy tend to repeat back what they hear in order not to lose concentration. Easily distracted.

Homeworld Data
KaghNoor(KAHG nohr), or Alpha Herculis VI (Betelgeuse) Lush, hot, and wet. Heavy rainfall all year round, with no snow. The landscape is either rugged or swampy. Little geological activity.
Dist; 309LY from Earth.
Gravity: 1.46
hour day, day year.

: All forms of life on KaghNoor are very resilient and adaptable. Monstrous amphibious predators called grachok (50 ft [15m] of armor,teeth, and claws.) are the top of the food chain.
Flora: Huge 400 ft(120m) tall tangled trees make up the base of the KaghNoor ecosystem.

The Sathoy never developed technology of their own, but the Hytroch often provide such to them.

Biological Data
Pulse; 10 p/min
Resp; 4 p/min
Temp; Ectothermic
Atmosphere Req; 70% N2, 20% O2, 9% CO2, 1% other.
Notes; Hatchling & adolescents are carnivorous. Adults are omnivores with carnivorous tendencies. Old Sathoy are omnivorous.
Reproduction; Sexual, egglaying. 3 month incubation time. Egg clutches of 3 to 15 are the norm. There is a 25% in-ovum mortality rate. Sathoy mating is said to resemble an intense bloody wrestling match.

Age Range
Middle Age301-370

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