Skills in OFRPG

-25 or less25
-24 to -1630
-15 to -1135
-10 to -830
-7 to -535
-4 to -340
-2 to -145
25 or more100

(Etc)+1 per(Etc)

  • Skillpoints:

    Your skillpoints are determined by adding together the total values* of your five mental stats: Mind+Int+Wis+Obs+Cool and matching the result to the table at left. The table at right shows how much a specific skill costs, total, to get the rating desired. You may also improve the free skills if you wish, by spending the difference between the value of the given rating and the new desired rating. With the exception of the character's native language, none of his/her/its skills may be equal to or better than the Career skill's rating.

  • Career Skill:

    Pick one skill for free that most reflects your character concept. e.g.: A “Computer Hacker” concept will have “Computer” as their Career Skill, a “Warrior” concept might have “Melee Combat” or “Martial Combat: Hard”, a “Mage” concept will have one of the twelve spellcasting disciplines, a “Rogue” should have “Thievery”, etc... The rating will be "Proficient" unless your racial generion sheet says otherwise. The Career Skill is what the character is generally known for. Put this skill in the 'Career Skill' area on the character sheet. With your skillpoints, you may raise your career skill one level at character creation, if desired.

  • Free Skills:

    All characters are assumed to have unrecorded “everyday” skills for mundane purposes such as math, history knowledge, etc. All characters get one “Area Knowledge” and one “Study” skill at “Beginner” for free, plus one native language at “Adept” and one common language of choice at “Beginner”, as well as an equal “Study” for the purposes of reading and writing these languages. Reading/writing of other languages must be bought as a “Study” skill. If you choose to take a freebie skill as career or one of the other five set skills, you merely get the point value back from the freebie to use on another skill from its category.

  • Specializing:

    Excluding Psionics, Martial Combat, and Magick, any skill may be purchased with specialization in mind. (e.g.; 'Investigation: Tracking’, 'Small Arms: Pistol', 'Influence: Negotiation', etc.) There are three levels of specialization: Generalized, Specialized & Double Specialized. Example: Generalized- Melee Combat. Specialized- Melee Combat, short blades. Double Specialized- Melee Combat, wakizashi. When a skill is specialized, it adds an advantage in using that specific skill, but using the skill in a general manner suffers.

    Mental Skills

    Administration WIS or IQ. Ability to manage or govern a large group or organization. (Corporate, Tavern, Starship, Bureaucracy, etc.)
    Appraisal OBS. An aptitude for evaluating something for value, structure, etc. (Vehicles, Real Estate, Jewelry, etc.)
    Area Knowledge WIS. one’s way around an area. Must Specify, and may take as many as desired (each bought separately); A Specific Starship, City, etc
    Business IQ or WIS. Concerning all things on the subject of commerce; buying, trading & selling.
    Camoflage OBS. Methods of concealing personnel and equipment from view by blending with the surroundings. (Jungle, Urban, Tundra, etc.)
    Concealment OBS. Knowledge of methods of, and equipment for hiding something, especially on one’s person.
    Combat Sense OBS, or COOL. An uncanny ‘feel’ for a situation, regarding combat advantages or disadvantages.
    Communication IQ or OBS. Knowledge of using specialized equipment for, or methods of communicating.
    Computer IQ. General use skill for computers. (Programming, hacking, etc.)
    Cooking WIS. Knowledge of food preparation. (By cuisine type, by race, etc.)
    Deduction WIS. Drawing a conclusion to a problem through reasoning. (Criminology, Mechanical repair, etc.)
    Demolitions IQ, OBS, WIS, or COOL. Awareness of various methods of destruction, especially by use of explosives.
    Disguise OBS. Methods of altering the appearance of a person or object to make it seem to be something different.
    Electronics IQ. Knowledge of the energy distribution hardware of technological systems. “Wiring” (Not necessarily electrical in nature)
    Engineering IQ, WIS, or OBS. Knowledge of energy production and propulsion systems. (By power or engine type, etc.)
    Extravehicular Activity (EVA) IQ or WIS. Knowledge of the equipment and gear needed to survive and work in the vacuum of space.
    First Aid IQ, WIS or OBS. Ability to provide minor medical care to an injured or sick person.
    Gaming IQ or WIS. A sense for the playing of competitive games. (May Require COORD or other stat/skill checks @ Narrator's opt)
    Grooming WIS or OBS. Ability to improve the neatness of a person’s appearance.
    Interface IQ, OBS, or COOL. This is the skill for operating systems using a neural or sim interface. (Pilot, weapon system, etc.)
    Interrogation IQ, WIS, OBS, or COOL. Knowledge of the methods and implements needed to coerce, compel, or otherwise obtain information from an uncooperative person. (STR, PRES & PERS may also benefit this skill.)
    Investigation WIS or OBS. Knowing where to search for clues to the solution to a problem.
    Language IQ, WIS or OBS. Must Specify, and may take as many as desired (each bought separately) (This is for comprehension & speaking. Reading & writing language must be a ‘Study’ skill.)
    Law IQ. Knowledge of the written mandates for an area.
    Literature IQ or WIS. Knowledge of how to compose and/or examine written works, including grammar, etc.
    Mechanics IQ or OBS. Ability to understand how a mechanism operates, for purposes of construction or repair.
    Medicine INT, OBS or WIS. Knowledge of diagnosing, treating, and preventing illness, injury & disease.
    Mentalist INT or WIS. Untrained ability in psychic power. Allows only for basic mind tricks.
    Navigation WIS or OBS. Ability to guide a vessel or oneself to a specific destination via the most expedient route. (Air, Water, Land, Space, etc)
    Psychology IQ, WIS, or OBS. Medical knowledge of the way the mind works, including diagnosing and treating disorders.
    Science INT, WIS, or OBS. Knowledge of the general principles of nature, physics, etc. It’s recommended to specify: biology, mathematics, etc.
    Scrounge OBS. Ability to forage, and separate the good stuff from the junk faster.
    Security IQ, WIS, OBS, or COOL. Knowledge of the procedures and measures to ensure the safety of an area or person.
    Study IQ or WIS. Must Specify, and may take as many as desired (each bought separately) This is a catch-all knowledge skill about a specific topic; Mythology, Modern Culture, Alcohol, Grav-car types, Aquillan Hierarchy, History, etc.
    Surveillance OBS. Ability to covertly watch an area or person to scrutinize for specific information.
    Tactics WIS. Knowledge in the use of strategy for securing specific objectives.

    Psionic Disciplines
    You may not take psionic skills unless you have the appropriate training quirk to do so. Click for details.

    Clairsentience Sensory based psionics.
    Telepathy Mind over Mind.
    Psychometabolics Mind over Body.
    Psychokinesis Mind over matter.

    Physical Skills

    Acrobatics AGIL. Increasing aptitude of dexterity for purposes of the following: Aerobatics, Balance, Breakfall, Dodge, and Gymnastics.
    Archery COORD. Skill for the use of any muscle powered ranged weapon. (Bows, Crossbows, Slings & Slingshots)
    Athletics COORD. Increasing physical skill and stamina for purposes of the following: Climb, Swim, Run, Fly, Jump, and Bodybuilding. May also specify a sport or activity. eg; Terran Basketball, Mäyvek Football, Dance (by type), ProWrestling, Parachuting, etc. (General= +3% per level, Specialized= +5% per level, Dbl specialized= +10% per level)
    Drive COORD. Skill for the control of a vehicle that operates at ground level. (Wheeled, Cycle, Tracked, etc.)
    G-Force STR. Ability to better withstand the extreme inertial forces of rapid direction changes at high velocity.
    Gunnery COORD.Skill for the use of any vehicle mounted weaponry. (Beam, Missile, Ballistic, etc.)
    Hand-To-Hand Combat COORD or STR. Untrained ability in bare-handed fighting. Allows only for basic moves; punch, kick, grapple & tackle.
    Heavy Weapons COORD. Skill for the use of any larger ‘man-launched’ weapon. (Bazooka, Shoulder launched missiles, etc.)
    Intimidation PRES. Ability to compel or hinder by inducing fear.
    Melee Combat COORD or STR. Skill for the use of any hand-to-hand weapon. (Dagger, Staff, Sword, etc.)
    Pilot COORD. Skill for the manual control of any flying or space capable vehicle. (Gravcar, Fighter, Capital Ship, Starship, Prop Plane, etc.)
    Power Armor COORD or AGIL. Skill for the manual control of any external suit that augments physical attributes.
    Powerdrinking BODY. Increasing the tolerance for imbibed alcohol.
    Quickdraw COORD or AGIL. Ability to take a weapon from where it is stored, and make it ready for use rapidly.
    Riding STR, COORD, or AGIL. Skill for safely traveling atop and guiding an animal.
    Small Arms COORD. Skill for the use of anti-personnel firearms. (Pistol, Rifle, Sub-Machinegun, etc.)
    Survival BODY. Increasing the stamina and fortitude for continued existence in an extreme environment.
    Thievery COORD or AGIL. Increasing aptitude of dexterity for purposes of the following: Stealth, Pickpocket, Escape, Lockpick, Traps, and Sleight of Hand.
    Throwing COORD. Skill for the use of any weapon launched by hand, Balanced or Unbalanced. (Grenade, Throwing knife, Shuriken, Dart, etc.)
    Zero G Ops COORD, STR, or AGIL. Increasing aptitude of dexterity and stamina for purposes of operating in a no gravity environment.

    Martial Arts
    You may not take martial combat skills unless you have the appropriate training quirk to do so. Click for details.

    Martial Combat: Brawling Rough dirty fighting.
    Martial Combat: Hard Fists of steel.
    Martial Combat: Soft Flowing like water.
    Martial Combat: Focus The power within.

    Spiritual Skills

    Animal Handling INTU or PERS. Skill for the purposes of managing, guiding and training of animals.
    Artist SPIR or INTU. Skill for using imagination and talent to create artwork. (Painting, Sketching, Sculpting, etc.)
    Attunement INTU. Come to harmony with something, allowing for a special connection. The primary benefit of this is the lessening of being penalized under certain circumstances in regards to the subject. (Must Specify, and may take as many as desired; a specific skill, weapon, vehicle, etc.)
    Confidence Artist PERS or AURA. Ability to invoke the trust of a victim in order to defraud.
    Endurance SPIR. Increasing capacity for spiritual resolve and determination.
    Ethics AURA. Awareness of what is fair and just.
    Etiquette INTU or PERS. Skill for the practices of socially acceptable behavior and decorum.
    Faith SPIR. Trust and belief in a higher power, and awareness of the doctrines of a religion. (Must Specify, See notes on religions.)
    Gambling LUCK. Awareness of the nuances playing games of chance.
    Influence PERS. Skill at using one’s charisma for purposes of persuasion.
    Leadership AURA, INTU, or PERS. Capacity for managing and guiding a group of people.
    Music SPIR or INTU. Skill for using imagination and talent for melodious composition. (K'loffai Opera, Jazz, etc. or type, of musical instrument of choice; Dorogo BhiTorai, Trumpet, etc)
    Mysticism INTU or LUCK. Untrained ability in minor magery. Allows only for simple tricks and illusions.
    Oration PERS. Skill of public speaking.
    Performance SPIR, INTU, or PERS. Skill for the presentation of a talent. (Thespian, Singing, etc. or type of musical instrument of choice; Dorogo BhiTorai, Trumpet, etc)
    Perception INTU. Acuity of spiritual insight.
    Psyche INTU. Awareness of a person’s possible frame of mind and their possible actions based on this awareness.
    Seduction INTU or PERS. Ability to entice someone to behavior or actions of your choosing through charm. (Physical Attractiveness may also benefit this skill.)
    Teaching INTU, LUCK or PERS. Ability to educate, instruct, coach, and generally impart knowledge to someone.

    You may not take magick skills unless you have the appropriate training quirk to do so. Click for details.

    Earth Resistance
    Fire Destruction
    Water Recovery
    Wind Speed, flight
    Darkness Blindness
    Light Illumination
    Space Teleport, Gravity, Force
    Time Quickening, Slowing
    Chaos Confusion, Unjoining
    Order Thought, Control
    Death Harming, Necromancy
    Life Healing, Protection