Below -6½ per -1½ per -1½ per -1½ per -1
-68 lb12 lb24 lb2 lbMinimum Bampu
-512 lb18 lb36 lb4 lbMinimum Human
-420 lb30 lb60 lb6 lb
-330 lb45 lb90 lb9 lb
-240 lb60 lb120 lb12 lb
-155 lb75 lb150 lb15 lb
Ø65 lb100 lb200 lb20 lbAverage Human
+190 lb120 lb240 lb25 lb
+2120 lb180 lb360 lb36 lb
+3200 lb300 lb600 lb60 lb
+4300 lb450 lb900 lb90 lbMaximum Bampu
+5400 lb600 lb1200 lb120 lbMaximum Human
+6500 lb750 lb1500 lb150 lb
+7600 lb900 lb1800 lb180 lb
+8800 lb1200 lb2400 lb240 lb
+91000 lb1500 lb3000 lb300 lb
+101500 lb2250 lb4500 lb450 lbMaximum Dorogo
+111 ton1½ tons3 tons600 lbMaximum Sathoy
+121½ tons4500 lb4½ tons900 lbMaximum K’Loffai
+132 tons3 tons6 tons1200 lb
+142½ tons7500 lb7½ tons1500 lb
+153 tons4½ tons9 tons1800 lb
+164 tons6 tons12 tons 2400 lb
+175 tons7½ tons15 tons3000 lb
+186 tons9 tons18 tons3600 lb
+198 tons12 tons24 tons4800 lb
+2010 tons15 tons30 tons6000 lb
Over +20 +2 ton
per +1
+3 tons
per +1
+6 tons
per +1
per +1

"The measure of physical might."

This is the capacity to push, pull, lift, break, or otherwise affect anything in the physical world through raw muscular power. Compare attribute value to the table for weight limits.

(pounds x 0.4536 = kg)

  • Lift: carrying capacity.
  • Press: maximum 'bench press'.
  • Dead Lift: maximum weight lifted off the ground and held.
  • One Arm: maximum 'curled' in one arm.

    These amounts of weight also determine a value for encumbrance affecting movement speed.

    Amount of weightSpeedFatigue
    Up to "One Arm"FullNo adjustment
    Up to "Lift"90%+25%
    Up to "Press"50%+50%
    Up to "Dead Lift"10%+100%