Tarbid (TAHR bid) Alliance: Consortium

"Tarbids could be all around you and you wouldn't know it! You could be a Tarbid, I could be a Tarbid... Oh wait... that's right! I am a Tarbid! I forget sometimes!"

Generally considered pets and companions to the more influential among the HhoLevari. Tarbid are asexual creatures with unmatched shapeshifting ability, capable of rapid changes in color, tone and form. They are ectothermic, and cannot function well in cold temperatures.

Height: 3'3" (1 m)
Weight: 50-75lb (23-34kg) (Weight can be upwards of 100 lb when nearing meiotic reproduction.) Tarbids are asexual

Age Range

Tarbids do not age in a manner typical to humanoid life forms.

Universal population; Unknown. (I'd like to see you take a census!) Typical names; Kaubin-Ipsis, Toruni-Theep, Geethin-Alchaki, Paxihanna-Ramiroo, Jalioffi-Plixproo

Typical Build; N/A
Starting Money; Varies
Typical Alignment; Chaotic, Conscientious, Neutral, Amoral

Physical variance
Tarbids can alter their shape and color at will.

Amazing Polymorphing capabilities. Can rapidly change shape, color, and size, but their actual weight never changes. Pneumatically powered strength is beyond Human. Able to mask their own scent. Able to bounce and cling. Damage resistance except vs. electricity. Immune to critical hits. Immune to most toxins & radiation. Highly resistant to heat, but succeptable to cold. Tarbids begin to slow down as the temperature drops, and go into hybernation if temperature falls below freezing. Amphibious. Empathy, range: touch. Extremely difficult to learn psionics or magic.

Very personable. Friendly, mischievious, flirtacious, curious, and carefree. Tend to have kleptomaniacal tendencies. It's not that they necessarily want or need to steal, but there's just so much neat stuff out there! Tarbids have a hard time concentrating for long periods of time, and are known to lose their cool. Tarbids are asexual, but seems to get a sort of pleasure interacting with the emotional states of other races.

Homeworld Data



Tarbids never developed technology of their own.

Biological Data
Pulse; N/A
Resp; Constant osmosis
Temp; Ectothermic
Atmosphere Req;
Notes; Very efficient metabolism. Able to consume nearly any organic material as food.
Reproduction; Asexual; Tarbids reproduce by splitting into two Tarbids after they reach a certain age. The two new Tarbids each retain part of the memories and knowledge of their forebear. Not much is known on the specifics of when this splitting occurs, or at what age. Tarbids generally have fractured, disjointed memories going back for millenia it seems. The HhoLevari have a saying: "If one could bring together all the Tarbids in existance, one would have the secrets of the Universe laid bare."

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