Teefoo (TEE foo) Alliance: Consortium

"Serve to live."

Male: 3', 55 lbs
Female: 2'9", 40 lbs

; 45% Male, 55% female
Universal population; estimated 8 billion

Typical names; Kentu, Iaonashi, Fenka, Hootha, Karafaru

Typical Build; Kena, Iaonisa, Fenka, Hoothi, Karafi
Typical Alignment; Chaotic, Conscientious, Neutral

Teefoo are servants and messengers to the masters of the Consortium, the WroGrath. Teefoo are small, quick and intelligent, with boundless energy and an inquisitive nature. The Teefoo are quite handy, and mechanically inclined. The race shares their homeworld with the large, gruff La'Chau, who wander the trackless deserts and plains of the northern continent of Hejuum. The two continents of the planet are separated by the expansive tracts of the Yhonjuss Ocean. As wanderlust and the need to explore took the Teefoo, they built great ships to find what was on the other side of the world... To their regret. Throughout history, any excursion of the Teefoo to Hejuum met with violent and tragic consequences as the La’Chau attacked and enslaved any Teefoo they found on Hejuum. Teefoo could not survive for extended periods in the deserts of Hejuum. When the La’Chau saw how worthless the Teefoo were as slaves, they merely started slaughtering any they found. Very few escaped. The La’Chau used the Teefoo ships to seek out the Teefoo, and warn them to stay away from Hejuum. The La’Chau expedition to Dentoo met with disaster, as the Teefoo were more advanced technologically, and greatly outnumbered the La’Chau. All the La’Chau died fighting. Eventually, the Teefoo decided not to venture too far from Dentoo, and the La’Chau kept to Hejuum.

Around 1900AD, the highly advanced WroGrath came to Rhinovan. In a bloody one-sided battle, they conquered the planet, and added it to their galactic Consortium. La’Chau and Teefoo alike were enslaved by the WroGrath, and still are to modern times, centuries later. La’Chau and Teefoo today have never known anything different but that they must serve the WroGrath. Teefoo serve as spies, courteseans, messengers and dignitaries to the Consortium. A Teefoo adventurer would be one who has either served loyally, and bought his or her freedom, or one who escaped, and may still be actively hunted.

Parent star: Xervuus III is known as Rhinovan. Two major continents: Hejuum in the north is mostly harsh, desert climate, and is dominated by the La’Chau. Dentoo in the south is lush, wet rainforest. Most Teefoo live in Dentoo. The planet is very hot, with no real change in climate from season to season. Snow is an alien concept to the natives of Rhinovan.
Dist: Far side of the Galactic Core, 30,309 LY from Earth.
Gravity: 1.1
Timetables: 38 hour day, 405 day year.



Biological Data
Pulse; p/min
Resp; p/min
Temp; °f (°c)
Atmosphere Req;

Age Range
Middle Age36-55

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