U'Kharik (oo KHAR ihk) Alliance: Aquillan

"I die that the hive may live on."

5 ft, 300 lbs
All U'Kharik are female.

Universal population; Over 90 billion

Typical names; U'Kharik names and language are unpronouncable to most other races. Communication is done thru visual, audio and olfactory cues. (And through electronic translators) An U'Kharik may be known for her job.

Typical Build; Average
Typical Alignment; Lawful, Neutral

The purest form of communism, the U'kharik society is one of complex structure and fascism. It is one also of perfect order. In a population of over 90 billion, these qualities are very important. Every individual works for the common good. There are no official leaders among the people, & everone knows her own role to make everything run smoothly. Disruptive influences are dealt with swiftly and harshly. Most U'Kharik architecture is subterrainean with mazelike tunnels and huge communal caverns. The concepts of personal property and money are alien to the U'Kharik, but they will carry some amount of creds when dealing with other races. Extraterrestrial influence is highly curtailed by the U'Kharik ministry of alien affairs to keep as much order as is possible. An U'Kharik player character may be someone who's curious about the forbidden influence of the outside world. She may be an outcast, hunted by her sisters.

Physical variance
Coloration denotes age: larvae and young are mostly white or sand colored. Adults start out yellow with black markings to orange then red on black. A dark crimson U'kharik is probably in excess of a century in age, and very experienced.

Phenomenally tough & resilient. Phenomenal pain threshhold. Resistant to extreme temperatures. No Alcohol Tolerance. Ambidextrous. Phenomenal Vision ranging into both ultraviolet & infrared. Heightened Smell, Reduced Touch & Taste. Pheromones. Claw & Bite attacks. Paralytic Venom.

Fairly xenophobic; a non-U'Kharik must earn an U'Kharik's trust. Very defensive of allies. Believes strongly in the common good, and the perfection of a structured society. Tend to seem distant or cold in conversation.

Homeworld Data
Zzavam III, (Czullack) Known commonly as U'Kharus. Harsh environment, with 25 hours of boiling day and 25 hours of frigid night. Very even orbit and tilt, seasons do not change.
Dist; 1200LY from Earth in the Aquila Rift
Gravity: 2.02
50 hr day, 404 day year.

: Multitudes of small mammals and large insects inhabit U'kharus. A good mix of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores is present, with the U'kharik at the top of the food chain.
Flora: Highly adaptive and resilient plant life exists on U'kharus. Wide, squat trees are common, due to the heavy g environment.

Comparably advanced as most, especially in weaponry, maneuverability, speed and shields. Attack computers in war vessels are specialized in swarm warfare.

Biological Data
Pulse; 160 p/min
Resp; 45 p/min
Temp; Adaptive
Atmosphere Req; 60% N2, 20% Ar, 20% O2
Notes; Very sturdy, redundant physiology. Need very little water. Predatory carnivores. Prefer prey 'alive and kicking' when feeding. Not much tolerance for alcohol, but love sweet nectars.
Reproduction; U'Kharik reproduce through a process called 'parthenogenesis', where unfertilized eggs spontaneously develop into offspring. Every U'Kharik in a hive can produce offspring as needed based on the needs per area.

Age Range

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All are female