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YeBocha Spaceport

"There are two things you can always count on when you walk the streets of YeBocha... One; Death stands on every corner and two, his price is free. The city has it own odor, ya know? Just where does it come from? Undead rule the undercity, gangs the streets... Mercs, corps, pimps, dealers, and heroes all come here in search of glory, wealth, or power. The only one that seems to be winning is the Reaper. His harvest is always bountiful in YeBocha."

Kevin Brewick, Human street merc.

The bright orange giant star, Dendrix Primary shines brightly across YeBocha Spaceport, on Planet Keta this hot summer day. As you enter the city, your attention is drawn to the innumerable myriad of gravimpelled vehicles and spacecraft present.

Around you is a great metropolis of steel, stone and glass rising towards the sky. It appears as a study in dichotomy, with the expensive skyscrapers surrounded by more run down buildings and even what looks to be a shantytown in places. The local architecture seems to have many sources and an infinite variability.

Vehicles of equal variance in configuration soar effortlessly through the sky, darting in and out of the labyrith of a city. An armored vessel in excess of a thousand feet in length drifts overhead with a deep rumble that vibrates the ground, and your teeth, as well. The behemoth craft crawls through the air and slips alongside the tallest building seen, a daggerlike tower that must be close to 3000 feet in height.

You come to a three story building that your comm translates phoenetically as 'Denkhim ChusMahk' aka 'The Blooddrop Inn'. Through the tavern's reinforced blast doors pass a diverse crowd of alien spacefarers, rogues, and locals. A large number of gravcycles occupy the parking lots.

Guide to the map: 1- Beyside’s 2- Congregation of Law 3- Dicey 4- Richard M. Maxter Spire Building & Crystal Palace 5- St. Xavier Cathedral 6- Fashion Plate 7- House of D’Vonn Feth 8- House of Shen Sharae 9- Bared Bodies 10- Synagogue Shalom Chaver 11- The Beer Fountain 12- Droth Garage 13- Sumo Bruddas Junk n’ Buffet 14- All Sizes Clothier 15- Blooddrop Inn 16- Rick’s Smoke n’ Gun 17- Arboreal Gardens of Kerryn and Temple of Universal Life 18- Temple of Chaos 19- M’Chotan Arena 20- Archive of Knowledge and Temple of FaeNil 21- Ale Hall of Lathis 22- Spellbinding (Street entrance) 23- Mosque of the Eastern Nations 24- Mall of Death 25- Slade’s Gunz 26- Temple of Fungsu 27- The Falconer 28- Jevik’s Under the Bridge 29- Associates of Justice and Bounty Hunters’ Resource Center 30- Fusion Drive Club 31- Shrine of Dürra 32- Temple of the Bykhoru 33- Shrine of the Lost 34- Buddhist Temple 35- YeBocha Cab Dispatch 36- Maxter Direct 37- D.O.A. Transportation and Extractions 38- Come n’ Go Corporate HQ 39- Unohk Roastery Corporate HQ 40- Temple of Shosu 41- Bloody Claw 42- DJon’s Guns 43- Temple of Khembris 44- Khembris Triumphant 45- Temple of QuNil 46- The Burping Churd 47- Southbeach Slave Market 48- Dreams of Apocalypse 49- Du’DJok Corps Barracks 50- The Corona Roadhouse 51- Ryal’s Forge 52- Handra’s Apothecary 53- Madame Rhotei’s 54- Temple of the Harvest