It is a time of great empires in the Galaxy Humans call The Milky Way...

...a time where technology, psychic power and high magicks are used to control and guide these empires. The equitable and lawful Universal Alliance (UA), of which humanity is a core member, is currently at odds with the equally lawful, but hardly equitable Aquillan Imperium (AI), ruled with a literal iron fist by the despotic sentient robot, called Ozzero. For nearly two hundred earth years, a cold war has existed between the two empires, punctuated every decade or so by active combat; this combat nearly always ending in stalemate. Other empires exist, some leaning one way or the other, or just dead neutral... from the advanced, god-like but stagnant Phantiaden, to the highly capitalistic Modrabi and other members of the Free Trade Consortium, or the pirate clans of the DJringlin, all are affected in some way by the UA-AI conflict.

Of all the many planets, moons, and starbases to visit in the Galaxy, everyone seems to eventually end up at Planet Keta. The Ketan star system is like a Casablanca in space, 575 light years from Earth. It is a halfway point between the Orion Spur and the Sagittarius Arm of the Galaxy. (A month on average travel time for the fastest Earth-built ships to get there.) Keta is a neutral world, with great walled city-states separated by vast expanses of lawless wilderness, frontier towns, and some independant spaceports. Keta is actually preferred for many types of commerce, whether legal or otherwise, due to its location and its absence of trade laws or taxes. (...and the superior forces intending to keep it that way!!)

It is a time of turmoil and triumph... of great advances and great tragedy... of both cruelty and kindness... a time of luxury and of poverty...

...it all depends on where you go.

Orion Force is a science fantasy roleplaying game incorporating many aspects of the genre, including anything from starships and robots to psionics, the supernatural, and magic. I have many different alien races (including Humans of all things...) for the player to choose from for their character. The game itself actually focuses in the far future, centuries after an extradimensional surge brings back magic to the universe. The primary focus of the game is on the individuals and their lives amongst all of what is occuring in this futuristic universe. They make allies and enemies along the way, some live, some die, romantic encounters occur... Interaction is the key. The character may be a "good guy" or a "bad guy" or something else altogether... its up to the Narrator (Game Master) of the story and the players, to flavor the way the story goes.

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