Bampu (BAHM poo) Alliance: UA

"If I don't know what I'm doing, the enemy can't plan for me, right?"

Male: 3 ft 3 in, 80 lbs
Female: 3 ft, 65 lbs

Population %; 55% Female, 45% Male
Universal population; estimated over 12 billion

Typical names; Single given names...No family names. Male: Terga, Choy, Bo, Kelga, Jaru, Horba. Female: Terya, Tella, Chima, Bey, Kelsia, Jari, Horbie

Typical Build; Average
Starting Money; 5 - 30 UC
Typical Alignment; Chaotic, Conscientious, Neutral

A race of hedonistic, easygoing rogues, the Bampu have a chaotic reputation as being lovers, fighters, and thieves. The Bampu attitude belies their small stature. They go after what they want with a contagious verve for life. Any excuse for a party is a good excuse for a Bampu. A popular tradition of the Southern Bampu, which has caught on among others is the Bel-Maru Wedding Festival. There is no set date for a Bel-Maru, but it is determined randomly by the literal roll of the dice by Bampu Bel-Maru Shamans. The festival will last all day, and consists of partaking in just about every hedonistic activity you could think of. It culminates with stories and songs of boasting and much consumption of shen shen berry wine, overseen by at least one Bel-Maru Shaman. Whomever of the opposite sex you wake up with, you are considered married to. The Union of Bel-Maru can last until either an offspring is produced, and raised to adolescence, or until the next Bel-Maru. If you wake up alone, it's considered a divorce.

The dominant species of Belador is the 8 & a half foot (2.6m) tall Dorogo. Dorogo and Bampu have never seen eye to eye, neither literally, nor figuratively. Innumerable wars and other conflicts have occurred between Dorogo & Bampu far back into Belador's history. The Dorogo actually enslaved the Bampu several times in history. During the Aquillan Imperium (AI) Occupation of Belador from 478 to 530 AE, the Dorogo & the Bampu actually worked together under the guidance of the Universal Alliance (UA) for the common cause of liberating Belador. Dispite this cooperation in the AI crisis, Dorogo & Bampu still have some deep animosity between them. After the AI retreat in 530, the Dorogo immediately joined the UA, but the Bampu, without a central government, did not. In 740 AE, the Bampu tribes united under one king for the first time. Immediately, King Jaroy pushed for membership in the UA, and the Vaden Osseo Bampeva (United Bampu Kingdoms) was quickly accepted.

Bampu make some of the best spies, thieves, and scouts.

Physical variance
Fur color is highly various natural tones and catlike patterns (calico, tiger stripe, spotted, etc) Eyes can be most natural colors.
Bampu Subspecies
TatochNorthern6.2 BillionThe most common
BadahDeep1.8 BillionShorter, heavier, tougher
Waezata(Hybrids)1.2 BillionIntermixed subspecies
ThashafSouthern1.2 BillionMore personable
NakaTree1.08 BillionTaller, lighter, quicker
KaalakMountain480 MillionBig, rough & surly
Gryoga(None)244 MillionVery short, but wiley
EyinHigh127 MillionTaller, smarter, more versitile
*This does not include Bampu Hybrids with other species.

Preternatural agility and balance. Lucky. Very quick, Heightened Reflexes, Heightened Hearing, Smell & Touch, Ultrasonic Hearing, Nightvision, Flight (Maneuver +5, Base speed & duration: 80kph for 5 minutes.) reduced penalties Underwater, Extended Breath holding, Prehensile Feet & Tail, Danger sense, Alcohol tolerance, Bite

Fun loving, hedonistic and boisterous. An 'I'm tougher than I look' attitude.

Homeworld Data
Parent Star: Ahn, (Kakkrum in Bampu) known to Humans as Vega. Homeworld is known as Belador. Thick rainforests cover most of the planet. Geologically active, caves and hot springs abound across the planet. No large bodies of water exist. Snow is rare, even in the far north or south.
Dist; 26 light years from Earth
Gravity: 1.0088
22.8 hour day, 409 day revolution.

: Animal life on Belador is highly various, and have adapted to every part of the planet, from the jungle canopy itself, to subterranean, to the expansive river network that crisscrosses the world.
Flora: As various (if not more) as the animal life. A woven canopy of trees covers most of the planet.

Bampu never developed technology of their own. Exposure to the Dorogo, and other higher tech races has quickly taught them to use the devices of these races.

Biological Data
Pulse; 95 p/min
Resp; 18 p/min
Temp; 101.4f(38.5c)
Atmosphere Req; 75% N2, 20% O2, 5% CO2
Notes; Third lung seems to help ballast in swimming and sort out Carbon Dioxide. Generally nocturnal omnivores. Prefer high protein/high sugar foods. Bampu love fish and highly sugared caffeinated drinks.
Reproduction; Sexual, 4 month gestation, 25% Single birth, 25% Fraternal twins, 25% Fraternal Triplets, 13% Identical Twins, 12% Other. Every 2 to 2 Terran years, starting at the end of puberty (6 or 7 Terran years) all sexually mature female Bampu go through the Zhu tahk, or 'Mating pain'. The Zhu tahk is a chemical imbalance that drives the Bampu with an insatiable desire to mate. Sometimes, the Bampu fixates on a specific person, even if that person is not a Bampu. The Zhu tahk lasts up to a week, and dozens of couplings may occur. If unrelieved, sickness, or even death has been known to occur.

Age Range
Middle Age41-70

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