Blas'Kisk (BLAS kizzk) Alliance: UA

"All for the sanctity of my hive"

Worker: 5’6” 230lb (168cm, 104kg)
Soldier: 7’ 490lb (214cm, 222kg)
Male: 6’5” 375lb (196cm, 170kg)
Female: 7’2” 460lb (218cm, 209kg)

Population %; 91% Workers, 8% Soldiers, 0.9982% Males, 0.002% females
Universal population; estimated 500 billion

Typical names; Names are unpronounceable to Human tongues. The actual name of a specific Blas’Kisk translates as a highly explanatory description of where and when they were hatched, what their job is, and who their parents are. When dealing with other races, a Blas’Kisk will accept whatever name the others are comfortable with.

Typical Build; No trends
Typical Alignment; Lawful, Virtued or Ethical

Blas’Kisk (BLAZZ kizk) are the quintessential ideal of ‘hive unity’. Every Blas’Kisk is honed from the moment of their hatching to fulfill their purpose in life. It is rare for a Blas'Kisk to deviate from what they were raised to do. Blas’Kisk are masters of ergonomics by instinct, with an unparalleled work ethic. Great extensive hive colonies consisting of millions or sometimes billions of individual Blas'Kisk populate their home solar system and surrounding nebula. Blas'Kisk starbases start small, but quickly expand outwards in all directions, eventually taking on the appearance of great tangled webs. The longest known of these starbases is over 3000 km in length, and still expanding. Blas'Kisk are constantly building, almost to the point of obsession. Once, a bored group of Blas’Kisk sitting in a waiting room for several hours built an additional room where a coat closet was, out onto the building’s lawn, (to the dismay of the astonished secretary) using nearby materials and their own natural mortar. A bored Blas'Kisk is an unhappy Blas'Kisk. Blas'Kisk have been known to literally work themselves to death in some urgent cases where the work was vital to the colony. The Blas'Kisk will work themselves to the point of exhaustion, and then expire, to be carried away by others, and the work resumed without much ceremony.

Blas'Kisk swarm fighter, 30' 12t

Physical variance
All Blas’Kisk have a similar coloration. Dark reddish brown carapace, and blood red eyes. Wings are amber colored, with a variety of patterns as unique to the individual as a Human’s fingerprints. Blas'Kisk tell each other apart by smell and variations in vocal patterns.

Very tough. Flight (Maneuver +2, Base speed & duration: 60kph for 30 minutes.) Claw attack, paralyzing bite, Defensive spikes. Bug ugly. Secrete a biological mortar that hardens to concrete strength. Cannot speak other than native language. Ambidextrous & very quick. Gret sense of balance & direction. Phenomenal sense of vision, seeing very well into the ultraviolet, but cannot see colors. Heightened sense of smell. Reduced sense of Taste and touch.

Hard working and industrious. Have a hard time sitting idle. Exceptionally helpful.

Homeworld Data
D’vazz II is known as the planet D’vumm. A warm wet rainforest covers the entire planet.
Dist; 5550 LY, in the Perseus arm of the Galaxy.
Gravity: 0.88
13¾ hour day, 9015 day year. (24¾ years)

Highly various flora & fauna.

Blas'Kisk "Swarm Mother" 10,230' 5,750,000t

Blas’Kisk, being the masters of ergonomics, having developed technology that is very easy to use... for a Blas’Kisk. Blas'Kisk devices, vehicles and construction have a very organic quality to them.

Biological Data
Pulse; 100-150 p/min
Resp; 25-40 p/min
Temp; exothermic
Atmosphere Req; 55% Ar, 25% N2, 20% O2
Notes; Omnivorous, can eat just about anything organic. Exoskeleton is shed every few years, allowing the Blas'Kisk to grow.
Reproduction; Sexual, and female can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, sometimes thousands if necessary. The output of offspring is proportionate to the labor force needs of the colony that the female governs. Only males and females can reproduce. Soldiers are sterile males and workers are sterile females.

Aging: Since Blas'Kisk molt their outer armor every few years, the visible effects of aging do not show. Physically, a Blas'Kisk will slow down, and metal faculties will degrade rather quickly. Soon after these signs begin to show, often only days, the Blas'Kisk will die.
Age RangeWorkerSoldierMaleFemale

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