DJringlin (DJRING lihn) Alliance: Neutral

"In the name of Khembris, your clan will fall... your offspring will be crushed into the ground!"

Male: 5'9", 300 lbs
Female: 5'3", 250 lbs

Population %; 50% Male, 50% female
Universal population; Over 4 Billion

Typical names; Clan names: T'Vash, Morghav, G'Thorg, D'Kaha, Hovath, H'Gaku. Male given names: DJovak, Ghorsh, Vhel'Ruk, Khum. Female given names: DJova, Ghori, Vheldt, Khumi.

Typical Build; Tend to be large & muscular
Typical Alignment; Neutral, Chaotic, Amoral, Deviate

The highly patriarchal DJringlin are the race most people think of when Planet Keta is mentioned. More specifically, people think of the DJringlin Pirate Clans. The Clans have ruled the planet for eight centuries, by the doctrine of 'the strongest shall rule'. The typical DJringlin has a rather Machiavellian 'that which does not kill me makes me stronger' attitude. Keta is a rough place, and the DJringlin are equally rough. The Clans constantly squabble for their own place in the pecking order. The strongest Clan rules out of a monstrous battle station/warship known commonly as 'The Dreadnaught'. Since 400AD, the inhabitants of Keta were aware of a mysterious gargantuan forty-plus kilometer long vessel in orbit. The DJringlin called it Tae'DJu-Khembris or "The War Chariot of Khembris" (Khembris is the chief DJringlin War god). Technology began a rapid advancement in 1866AD, when the first DJringlin astronauts landed on the vessel, and were met by a 10 foot (3 meter) tall armored being calling itself D'Krieg Ronet, or "master's manservant". A technological era was ushered in on Keta, led by D’Krieg Ronet, who to this day, rules Keta aboard the vessel, often commonly known as The Dreadnaught. The strongest Clan is currently Clan D'Kaha, lead by Patriarch Yhorak D'Kaha, descendent of one of the astronauts who first landed on the Dreadnaught.

Prior to the rise of the Clans in the late 1800’s, the DJringlin were governed by a caste and guild system. Individuals were tested at an early age to see what they had potential for –soldiering, politics, science, religion, etc- and then sent to live at the guild most suited for their training. After the Clans took power, the caste system mostly faded away to obscurity and nostalgia. The clans are very mixed now, and some long for the return of the caste system.

In 555AE, the Aquillan Imperium gave 25 of their old Ulysses Class Capital Cruisers to the DJringlin as part of a non-aggression pact. The pact included 55 other, smaller ships, and the terraforming of the larger of Keta's two moons, Lathan, to be used as farmland. In return, the Aquillans got free passage on Keta and immunity from Pirate Clan attack. Uneasy feelings were widespread regarding this pact.

Female DJringlin have separate, more private housing, facilities and training centers here. DJringlin men and women work separately, train separately, and even go to war separately. The only traditionally appropriate places for males and females to interact in DJringlin society is in the privacy of the male’s home or in a public place for consuming food or drink. DJringlin even have gender-segregated places of worship.

An influential male will have a harem of females, and dozens of offspring. The entirety of the clan helps in the child rearing process. DJringlin men like their females docile and submissive. Many females who cannot be tamed are cast out of their Clan and sent to the Du’DJok Corps, a fighting battalion of fierce females sworn to no man and no Clan, but avowed to fight for the benefit of Keta above all else. These women find purpose patrolling dangerous areas and are often the first to die in combat.

Physical variance
Bony, armored ridges and thick, dark hair. Skin color is darker than Human. In the eyes, the pupil is black, but the 'white' part (sclera) is colored blue, brown, green, gray, yellow, violet, orange, or red.

Natural fighters, very sturdy. Strong; Typical DJringlin can press 300 lb. The strongest of DJringlin can press half a ton or more. Heightened Vision & Smell, Reduced Touch & Taste, Better Hearing +1, Ultraviolet Vision, highly resistant, even to Toxins, Psionics & Magic, Bite

Proud and loud, with deep, snarling voices. Rugged, boisterous and competitive. Often combatitive; seem to love a good brawl. May be moody.

Homeworld Data
Prymiss IV (Dendrix Prime) known as Keta. A climate of extremes, with hot summers and deadly cold winters. Keta doesn't do anything mildly.
Dist; Outer Cygnus Arm of the Galaxy, 79,905 lightyears from Earth
29.2 hour day, 804 day (2.2years) year.

: A variety of resilient life forms populate Keta; from the wild tribes of Jevuvahr and their close cousins, the different species of the nigh-sentient DJevu, or Ketan Wolf, to the Raptor-like Tav'Orax, or the nigh indestructable Oegrex, or Ketan Cockroach, or the Yin a spiney Ketan sewer rat. Two other native Sentient species share Keta with the D'jringlin; the Mantaidan and the Grotix. No feathered bird species exist on Keta.
Flora: As resilient and often as dangerous as the animal life, but otherwise a variety similar to elsewhere is present.


The origins of both The Dreadnaught, and D'Krieg Ronet remain a mystery.

160,000 ton Grahkan Class Cruiser
Designed after familiarization with Aquillan technology

Old Aquillan built Ulysses Class Capital Cruiser, 2.7 million tons

Biological Data
Pulse; 60 p/min
Resp; 10 p/min
Temp; 100°f(37.7°c)
Atmosphere Req; Nitrogen 62%, Oxygen 33%, Other 5%
Notes; Omnivores with definite carnivorous tendencies. DJringlin enjoy heavy, flavorful food and drink due to a reduced sense of taste.
Reproduction; Sexual, 7˝ month gestation. 90% Single birth, 9% Fraternal twins, 1% multiple birth.

Age Range
Middle Age61-80

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