Mantaidan (man TAYD n) Alliance: Neutral

"Ragnastiching F'PHAZ!!"BLAM! BLAM!BLAM!BLAM!, Kick Kick, stab*stab*stab*

Male: 5 feet, 190 lbs
Female: 5'2" feet, 210 lbs

Population %; % Male, % female
Universal population; estimated

Typical names; Mantaidan names are fairly unisex. Family names: Yap, Mehrl, Latt, Negg. Given names: Grunji, Tungha, Raviki, Hruska, Grunga, Tungha, Razhai, Hruzai.

Typical Build; tend to be heavy and muscled.
Typical Alignment; Amoral, Chaotic, Depraved, Neutral

Mantaidan live hard and die hard. The people are generally rough and unrefined compared to some races, and can be downright coarse and crude... but they do have a history rich in tradition and customs. A rich, lively musical culture exists for the Mantaidan, mostly underground, though. Mantaidan celebrate as hard as they live. When the opportunity arises, the Mantaidan will leap boisterously, feet first into a fight or a party... taking it to the limit and beyond... The beginning of the Mantaidan new year is a week long celebration at the beginning of Spring called the Yin-Ba festival... which is really no more than a chaotic street party where anything can and will happen. A baby boom occurs soon after every Yin-Ba. The Term actually translates as “Week of the rat”. It commemorates the week long war that the Mantaidan waged to win their freedom from slavery at the hands of the DJringlin thousands of years ago.

Mantaidan revere the rat-like, possum sized, quill covered Yin as a representation of fertility and survivability. Their varied pantheon of deities is usually compared in some way to the Yin. According to Mantaidan mythos, the DJringlin god, Khembris (Also the Mantaidan devil) came and put the DJringlin on Keta some 10,000 years ago to torment the Mantaidan. It is an interesting note, that there are no fossil records of the DJringlin on Keta prior to this time. It has been theorized that the DJringlin were transplanted from another world at this time. Due to the technological superiority of the DJringlin, the Mantaidan have been generally repressed for centuries. DJringlin and other Keta inhabiting races have long considered the Mantaidan the "gutter trash" of Keta.

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Click here for pics of the ICBM, a prominant Mantaidan gang in YeBocha.

Physical variance
Squat muscular bipeds covered in short mottled fur. Coloration is natural earthy tones on off-white or gray to brown. Eye has no visible pupil, and can be black or red (most common), or brown, blue, or yellowish.

Extremely resilient. No centralized heart. High Pain Threshold, Stable Body Temperature. (Less affected by extreme tempuratures) Hieghtened Hearing & Smell, Reduced Touch & Taste, Nightvision. Nocturnal, Eyes are Sensitive to light. Highly resistant to Toxins. Resistant to a lesser degree to Psi & Magic. Claw, Bite attack. (May Cause Disease on bite or claw) Unattractive.

Offensive & defensive. Very self confident. Vengeful, violent and downright mean. Voice is low, gruff and unrefined generally, full of slang and cursing. "F'Phaz!" is an all purpose Mantaidan swear word.

Homeworld Data
Prymiss IV (Dendrix Prime) known as Keta. A climate of extremes, with hot summers and deadly cold winters. Keta doesn't do anything mildly.
Dist; Outer Cygnus Arm of the Galaxy, 79,905 lightyears from Earth
Gravity: 1.2
29.2 hour day, 804 day (2.2years) year.

: A variety of resilient life forms populate Keta; from the different species of the pseudo-sentient Velokai, or Ketan Wolf, to the Raptor-like Tav'Orax, or the nigh indestructable Oegrex, or Ketan Cockroach, or the Yin a spiney Ketan sewer rat. Two other native Sentient species share Keta with the Mantaidan; the D'jringlin and the Grotix. No feathered bird species exist on Keta.
Flora: As resilient and often as dangerous as the animal life, but otherwise a variety similar to Earth is present.

Mantaidan have always picked up the leftover bits of other race's technological developments, especially the D'jringlin's, but original ideas and designs have come about from Mantaidan inventors.

Biological Data
Pulse; 80 p/min
Resp; 16 p/min
Temp; 101.9°f(39°c)
Atmosphere Req; Nitrogen 62%, Oxygen 33%, Other 5%
Notes; Very strong cellular wall structure (making them resistant to pain and other extremes too), hyperactive & antagonistic immune system, and a redundant, quick sealing circulatory system. Mantaidan do not have a heart as such, but 24 synchronous pumps throughout their vascular system.
Reproduction; Sexual. Mantaidan are egglaying marsupials. Gestation is less than 1 month in mother, then 5˝ month incubation in skin pouches that females have. 1-3 eggs is normal, but sometimes 4-6 or more. there is a 50% 'in ovum' mortality rate.

Age Range
Middle Age40-55

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