Property the YeBocha area (All prices listed are the average)
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Inn prices

Cost is generally based on size, with modifiers for location and condition.

• Old & decrepit: Ό Cost
• Shoddy: ½ Cost
• Run down: Ύ Cost
• Average: x1 Cost
• Nice: x1½ Cost
• Pristine: x2 Cost
• New: x3 Cost


• Mantaidan Slums: None better than “Run down”, multiplier Ό
• Airport Ruins: None better than “Average”, multiplier ½
• Old Spaceport: None better than “Average”, multiplier Ύ
• Dockside: None better than “Nice”, multiplier Ύ
• DJringlin Sector: Any, multiplier x1
• Downtown: Any, multiplier x1
• Riverside: Any, multiplier x1
• Spaceport Proper: Any, multiplier x1Ό
• Business District: Any, multiplier x1½
• Uptown: None lower than “Average”, multiplier x2
• Maxter Plaza: None lower than “Average”, multiplier x2½
• Southbeach Peninsula: None lower than “Nice”, multiplier x3

Inn prices

• “Coffin” room: 5UC per droth, 12UC per eppa, 100UC per tydohk
• Inexpensive room: 10UC per droth, 35UC per eppa, 210UC per tydohk
• Average room: 15UC per droth, 50UC per eppa, 400UC per tydohk
• Good room: 120UC per eppa, 1000UC per tydohk
• Luxury suite: 250UC per eppa, 2000UC per tydohk
• Extravagant suite: 400UC per eppa, 3200UC per tydohk
• Presidential suite: 700UC per eppa, 5600UC per tydohk
• Imperial suite: 1200UC per eppa, 9600UC per tydohk

Apartment prices

• Cheap: 75UC per tydohk, 900UC per season
• Inexpensive: 100UC per tydohk, 1200UC per season
• Average: 250UC per tydohk, 3000UC per season
• Good: 400UC per tydohk, 4800UC per season
• Luxury: 800UC per tydohk, 9600UC per season
• Extravagant: 1600UC per tydohk, 19,200UC per season

Condominium prices

• Cheap Condo: 1000UC per season, 3500UC per tagh, 15,000UC to own
• Inexpensive Condo: 1600UC per season, 5600UC per tagh, 34,000UC to own
• Average Condo: 2400UC per season, 8400UC per tagh, 86,000UC to own
• Nice Condo: 3600UC per season, 12,600UC per tagh, 150,000UC to own
• Luxury Condo: 5000UC per season, 17,500UC per tagh, 300,000UC to own
• Extravagant Condo: 8000UC per season, 28,000UC per tagh, 500,000UC to own

Home prices

• Cheap: rent 4000UC per tagh, under 50,000UC to own
• Inexpensive: rent 6000UC per tagh, 50-100KUC to own
• Average: rent 10,000UC per tagh, 100-250KUC to own
• Nice: rent 15,000UC per tagh, 250K-1MUC to own
• Mansion (Average): 1-3MUC to own
• Mansion (Nice): 3-5MUC to own
• Mansion (Luxury): 5-10MUC to own
• Mansion (Extravagant): 10-15MUC to own
• Estate/Manor: 15-30MUC to own
• Palatial estate: 30-100MUC and up to own

Warehouse/Misc. buildings

• Small: (up to 25,000 square feet) up to 15,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 200KUC to own
• Med. Small: (up to 50,000 square feet) up to 25,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 500KUC to own
• Medium: (up to 100,000 square feet) up to 48,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 1.2MUC to own
• Med. Large: (up to 200,000 square feet) up to 90,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 2.5MUC to own
• Large: (up to 400,000 square feet) up to 150,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 5.2MUC to own
• Super Large: (up to 1,000,000 square feet) up to 280,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 12MUC to own
• Gargantuan: (over 1,000,000 square feet) up to 500,000UC per tagh to rent, up to 30MUC to own
• Larger @ Narrator’s option


Slavery is outlawed in UA territory, but is tolerated within the Aquillan Imperium, and is quite common within the boundaries of the Free Trade Consortium. Neutrally allied worlds each have their own beliefs and laws governing the issue of slavery. On Keta, with its virtually nonexistent legal structure, it is not uncommon to see slavery. The price of slaves is gauged on health and potential. Generally, slaves are bought and sold at slave auctions, with the price per slave averaging 5000UC to 20,000UC, often higher. Occasionally, in a bidding war, the price has been seen to be as much as 100,000UC or more for a single slave.