Spee'At (SPEE at) Alliance: Aquillan

"With the world as my enemy, I must strike at them first."

Male: 4ft tall, 12ft length, 260 lbs (Highly variable)
Female: 4¼ ft tall, 15ft length, 300 lbs (Highly variable)

Population %; 65% Male, 35% female
Universal population; estimated 3 billion

Typical names; Family name is blended with the given name. Male: SslekkShiss, KazzuMarrs, LysshimRhass. Female: SsliiaShiss, KeeshaMarrs, LysshiRhass

Typical Build; Muscular & lithe.
Typical Alignment; Neutral, Amoral, Deviate

Spee’At society has always been one where intrigue, subterfuge and deceit are a way of life. A Spee'At who is not well versed in the arts of conspiracy and trickery is one who is not long for life. Anonymity is not only favored, but it can be a useful survival tool. For this reason, Spee’At disdain clothing and other distinctive body ornamentation. A well camouflaged Spee’At is a happy Spee’At. They prize secrets and thus are usually mistrustful of anyone who uses psionic abilities, especially Telepathy.

The females hold all the power among the Spee’At. Only the most exceptional of males have a chance of advancing in the Spee’At hierarchy. The matriarchal Spee’At government oversees the population encouraging what could be called ‘controlled paranoia’. Spee’At live their lives watching the shadows, wondering who might be plotting against them, and in turn plotting against those they see as a threat. A preemptive strike is always seen as preferable to being forced to defend oneself. In combat, the Spee’At will nearly always attack first if they think the possibility exists for conflict. A quick and final resolution is always seen as desirable in combat. Since 303AE, the Spee’At have been the most steadfast of allies to the Aquillan Imperium.

Physical variance
Serpentine, with four arms. Many different shapes, sizes, and colorations exist. Some are constrictors, some have different types of venom, etc. There is even a subspecies that can glide.

Unfazably cool. Very tough & Coordinated with a noticable presence. Very quick reflexes. Fast healers. Tail whip, claw attack & hemotoxic bite. Can blind target by spitting poison. Strong willed, highly resistant to Telepathy & Clairsentience. Innate psionic-phobia. Resistant to toxins & heat. Weak vs cold. Vision is particularly sharp, seeing clearly into the infrared. Sense of smell is very keen. Sense of touch is not as keen. Fairly unlucky.

Highly paranoid and mistrustful. Trust is very hard to earn.

Homeworld Data
Parent Star: Heshu Secondary is a bright yellow-white dwarf star with a magnitude of -1.2. Heshu 3 is a massive gas giant planet with many moons. Heshu 3b, the Spee’At homeworld, is a small jungle moon known as Ssheymuus. Tropical rainforests & swamps make up most of the surface. No snow. The Heshu system consists of only three planets, two of which are gas giants.
Dist; 930LY from Earth in the Aquila Rift
Gravity: 0.85
14 hour day, 188 day year.

Ssheymuus has a rich variety of plants and animals. Insects and small omnivorous mammals are abundant. The largest animals on the planet are a variety of 2-3 ton flying carnivorous reptiles known as gysshee.

Spee'At "Dancing Serpent" Class Light Cruiser. 26,705 tons
As advanced as most other spacefaring races. Technology is superior in stealth systems and cloaking. Weapons are accurate and penetrating, without being overly destructive.

Biological Data
Pulse; 60 p/min
Resp; 10 p/min
Temp; exothermic
Atmosphere Req; Nitrogen 70%, Oxygen 20%, Carbon dioxide 10%
Notes; Strictly carnivorous, preferring prey stunned but alive. It is estimated that if not for the Spee’At, fast breeding mammalian rodents would overrun and ruin their homeworld. Spee’At can operate well in the day or the night.
Reproduction; Sexual, Spee’At only copulate for reproduction. Very short gestation in mother, egg incubation time is 2½ months. Egg clutches of 4-8 are common. In-ovum survival rate is over 90%. Spee’At are capable of hunting and killing soon after hatching.

Aging: Spee’At have a relatively short lifespan, even if they survive the many dangers of their society. Spee’At reach full maturity in 5 or 6 years from hatching.

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