Zhettim (ZEH tim) Alliance: Consortium

"Everything comes from the Goddess, and thus must return to the Goddess."

Female: 7'0", 225lb
Male: 7'9", 300lb

Population %; 45% Male, 55% female
Universal population; estimated 16 billion

Typical names; Family name is passed from the females. A Zhettim's full name can reflect up to eight generations of female genealogy. Female given names: Lushamivha, Kayaruthe, Jethuali, Ryamashi, Feyanni. Male given names are much shorter than the females'. Lemi, Kruthe, Jetal, Rym, Fenn.

Typical Build; Tend to be lighter; Slender or Athletic would be common.
Typical Alignment; Conscientious, Moral, Neutral. (Evil aligned Zhettim are extremely rare)

Zhettim are a peaceful, spiritual people. The females govern the planet in a fair and just manner. Rather than subjugating their males, as do the Hytroch, the females rule with kindness and compassion. Among the known intelligent species in the Universe, the Zhettim are an enigma. In their long and rich history, there is no mention of war found anywhere. Zhettim murdering Zhettim is one of the rarest of occurrences among the people. Conflicts of interest have been known to pop up from time to time, but they had always been resolved through peaceful arbitration. Through millennia of spiritual centering and worship of their benevolent sun goddess, Aurellus, the Zhettim have attained a singular height of peace and prosperity. It is the teaching from the goddess that all living creatures are equal, and the children of the goddess, with the Zhettim being tasked by the goddess to defend and carry on this belief. Thus, the Zhettim respect and protect all life. The Zhettim believe in eight stages to enlightenment, so “8” is a holy number to them. From a young age, each Zhettim must decide on one of eight “life paths”. The path they choose will affect the individual for the rest of their life.

It wasn’t until they first made contact with extraterrestrials that the Zhettim even considered that conflict on a scale of millions of like-minded individuals fighting against similar millions was even possible. Unfortunately, the first alien species that arrived at the Zhettim homeworld was the Artek, in 2588. The Artek desired the rich resources of the Zhettim homeworld, and decided to take them by force. The Zhettim were no technological match for the Artek war machine, and were forced with either surrender, or destruction. Before the Zhettim matriarchy could come to a decision, the monstrous fleet of the WroGrath appeared and overwhelmed the Artek armada. The WroGrath then demanded that the Zhettim were now in debt to them. The Zhettim joined the WroGrath’s Galactic Consortium soon afterwards.

Physical variance
Females have 4 pairs of mammæ. Hands have 3 fingers and a thumb. Legs are digitigrade. Body fur color is generally of neutral tones, with the head hair and hair on the end of their tails being a shade or two darker. It is unusual for a Zhettim to have fur markings such as spots or stripes. Being a peaceful, vegetarian race with no natural predators, the Zhettim never needed such things as camouflage. Eye color can be blue, green or red. both sexes generally wear their hair very long; either braided, or loose.

Heightened vision, Hearing & touch. Extended breath holding. Attractive. Passivism @ weak. Very spiritual; Slight advantage with any Spiritual skill.

Peaceful, introspective and personable. Generally helpful and caring.

Homeworld Data
Parent star: Aurellus is a medium yellow-orange star with a magnitude of 2.5, about 1512 light years from Keta. Located in a nebulous area of space, this is a hard to find, out-of-the-way star system with eight planets. Aurellus 4, the Zhettim homeworld is known as Zhettu. The planet is covered in expansive oceans, with considerable coral reefs forming the continents. A few of the smaller land masses originated from volcanic activity, but the planet is fairly geologically stable, with flat plains surrounded by lush jungles. Zhettu has 3 moons, which are considered to be the mates of the sun goddess, Aurellus.
Dist; Crux Arm of the Galaxy, 55,800 LY
Gravity: 0.66

Many medium sized, long-lived grazing animals exist. A rich variety of aquatic life is present. The largest predators on the planet are predatory birds and fish.

Zhettim are highly developed spacefarers, but are lacking in advanced weapon technology. They have highly advanced propulsion systems and sensors. Zhettim protective shielding is unparalleled. On a personal level, Zhettim are more naturalistic, preferring a simple life, free from advanced technology. Technology in a Zhettim’s home is very minor and unobtrusive.

Biological Data
Pulse; 50 p/min
Resp; 10 p/min
Temp; 101.4°f (38.5°c)
Atmosphere Req; Nitrogen 80%, Oxygen 20%
Notes; Generally diurnal. Herbivorous, but enjoy seafood, eggs, and some insects.
Reproduction; Sexual, egg laying. Females have 2 pairs of ovaries. Female enters reloke, or 'heat' for 6-8 days out of their year. This state is similar to the Bampu zhu-tahk, but only the female Zhettim is affected. During reloke, the female is driven by an insatiable lust for mating. If the female is unable to mate, she becomes increasingly hostile towards everyone. If two females come into reloke at the same time in an area, they typically share the males in the area. Sometimes, the females may become hostile towards each other, and have been known to fight to the death over the males. Female has 4 ovaries and 8 mammæ. Gestation in-ovum is 11 months. Litters of 5-8 are common. In-ovum mortality rate is very low. In the uncommon event that more than 8 offspring are born to a single female, she will foster the “youngest” in the litter to other families or clans. Identical twins are rare, but are seen as a blessing from the goddess. Children are raised in a family clan headed by a capable matriarch. Polygamous marriages among the Zhettim are common.

Aging: Zhettim are long lived, with a life span over 4 times that of a Human. When they reach the age of 800 cycles of the Planet Zhettu (Which comes out to 888 human years, coincidentally), Pure Zhettim are overwhelmingly compelled to travel back to their homeworld and make a final ‘sacrifice’ to their goddess, Aurellus. After a lengthy and complex cleansing ritual, the Zhettim takes a shuttle, or magickal portal, plunging themselves directly into the sun itself. In ancient times, before space travel, the Zhettim would plunge into a great pit of fire prepared to replicate the goddess’s presence. Nearly none of pure Zhettim fights this urge, as it is seen as the last great honor to be paid to the goddess. Hybrid Zhettim still feel the urge, but most can resist it.
Middle Age711-888

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