Hold it! How do I determine my money??
Cyborg stuff

For a beginning character, you have two sources for money to use on equipment.

(You get no free equipment... You want a gun, you gotta buy it... you want a vehicle, you probably have to go into debt to get it... etc.)

You can automatically purchase anything with an availability of "Common" from these pages. Anything else, you must get permission first from the Narrator in order to have the item.

  • The first -and only safe- way to get money is based on what you get from your race, or bought with your quirks.

  • The second way to get money is by going into debt or stealing the money (or item) you want. You can specify whether the money is borrowed or stolen. There are specific gameplay hazards to both.

    Debt: If you are in debt, then obviously there is someone or some organization you must someday pay back... with interest*. If you fail to pay back a debt, that person or group will come 'looking' for you.

    Theft: If the money or item is stolen, then someone, or some organization is probably hunting you... whether or not they know you personally did it.

    All the details on debt and ill gotten funds are at the Narrator's discretion.

    75,000Very high
    500,000^You don't want
    to know...

    * Interest:
    10% is standard. You get the amount listed.
    25% You get 1.5 X Money listed.
    50% You get 2 X Money listed.
    100% You get 2.5 X Money listed.