Grotix (GROE tihks) Alliance: Neutral

"Unseen, unharmed."

Male: 6’9” 295lb (206cm, 134kg)
Female: 6’4” 235lb (193cm, 107kg)

Population %: 33% Male, 67% female
Universal population: estimated Over 1 billion

Typical names: No family names. Male names: Gungrim, Chummo, Saghorn, Kukooro. Female names: Gungrai, Chumma, Saghi, Kuka
Typical Alignment: Moral, Ethical, Lawful or Neutral

Grotix (GRO tiks) are known as the "quiet" race of Planet Keta. Grotix are highly spiritual and feel most comfortable close to nature. Grotix see all living things as equal, and have no central government. Mystical shamans oversee and direct the course of the diverse and numerous tribes, but no Grotix claims to be better than or more important than any other. Grotix are nomadic by instinct, but will settle in areas of prosperity. They are raised focusing on the importance of family and tribe unity rather than on an individual’s success and betterment. One can only achieve happiness and fulfillment if they are acting as a useful member of a tribe that is thriving and growing. From birth until death, a Grotix is always part of his or her tribe. To a Grotix, the tribe is more important than any other political or cultural divisions such as nation or city. Many individual tribes still carry the names they had long before the DJringlin and Mantaidan named cities and continents. When outside their tribe, a Grotix tends to become rather uncomfortable and paranoid. Likewise, when strangers come to the territory of a tribe, the tribe members are instinctively distrustful of the outsider. Earning the trust of a Grotix tribe is no small feat.

Individual tribes can consist of hundreds to thousands of Grotix. Some of the larger tribes, as in the three largest of the hundreds of tribes that inhabit the areas around YeBocha Spaceport, may boast a hundred thousand or more Grotix and Grotix hybrids. These three tribes, the Kukoya (190,000), Obu (155,000), and Suwatu (140,000) share a large village northeast of the Spaceport. The village (with no real name) is divided into the territories claimed by each of the three tribes, who will trade and interact –and even intermarry- with each other, but strictly maintain their cultural disparity. Other, smaller tribes also claim territory near the outskirts of ‘The village’. The total number of Grotix in and around ‘The Village’ is over half a million. The village itself is an expanse of caves, and structures in the trees in a hilly area between two forks of the YeBocha River.

Each tribe has a separate language from the other. Sometimes, there are only subtle differences between these languages, but they are still considered unique. So divided are the Grotix, that the race never developed a common language of their own, as many sentient species have.

Physical variance
Hairy bipeds with large gliding wings from wrist to lower leg. Fur color can be browns, black, gray, or rarely red/rusty. Eyes can be amber, brown, green, blue or black. Vocalizations are a mix of rough grunts and excited hoots. Voice is grumbly and slow, but can be high pitched and faster when excited.

Fur provides some protection. Unattractive. Gliding. Prehensile feet. Good at climbing & grappling. Claw & Bite. Spiritually strong. Fast healing. Fast reflexes. Great sense of direction. Heightened hearing & smell. Animal empathy. Computer antipathy.

Very secretive and defensive. Highly naturalistic oriented and intolerant of wasteful practices. Respectful of all life. May tend to be xenophobic outside their tribal unit. If they feel safe, can be very fun loving.

Homeworld Data
Prymiss IV (Dendrix Prime) known as Keta. A climate of extremes, with hot summers and deadly cold winters. Keta doesn't do anything mildly.
Dist; Outer Cygnus Arm of the Galaxy, 79,905 lightyears from Earth
Gravity: 1.2
29.2 hour day, 804 day (2.2years) year.

: A variety of resilient life forms populate Keta; from the different species of the pseudo-sentient Velokai, or Ketan Wolf, to the Raptor-like Tav'Orax, or the nigh indestructable Oegrex, or Ketan Cockroach, or the Yin a spiney Ketan sewer rat. Two other native Sentient species share Keta with the Grotix; the D'jringlin and the Mantadan. No feathered bird species exist on Keta.
Flora: As resilient and often as dangerous as the animal life, but otherwise a variety similar to Earth is present.

Grotix are very primitive, and never developed technology of their own. They are adept at using the hand me down technology and weapons of the DJringlin and Mantaidans. Keta is such a melting pot of alien races and technologies, that the Grotix have much in the way of ‘hand me downs’ to play with.

Biological Data
Pulse: p/min
Resp: p/min
Temp: °f(°c)
Atmosphere Req: Nitrogen 62%, Oxygen 33%, Other 5%

Age Range
Middle Age41-55

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